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Mafe Walker, the psychic who claims to speak an alien language, claims ‘babies are being born’ with powers

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Mafe Walker, the psychic who claims to speak an alien language, claims that “babies are born” with powers, one of her most direct revelations since rising to fame through interviews she gave in Mexico, among which his participation in the program Venga la Alegría broadcast by TV Azteca.

The Colombian medium who claims to speak in a “foreign language” has reached a peak of popularity. For some it is a “charlatan” or a “swindle”, but for others it is a special being capable of experiencing and transmitting sensations that transcend reason.

In a recent statement, Mafe Walkerborn in Colombia, ensured that babies of this era are born with new powers that give them special abilities to communicate with extraterrestrials.

She says that since she was a child in her dreams she could communicate with extraterrestrial beings.

“The earth goes up in frequency (…) the little ones, the babies who are born are born with these codes, they are natural, they will start to vibrate at the solar frequency, when I transmit this to a little one, they understand me, they are new vibrations“, he explained to the youtubeur Yulay.

“We are all psychics, what needs to be activated are psychic gifts,” says Mafe Walker, whose image has become popular around the world.

In her TikTok and Instagram accounts, she presents herself as a medium, a “wizard”, as well as a “multidimensional being” who belongs to a “galactic confederation” and is able to use coded language.

During his presentation on the Venga la Alegría program Mafe Walker He did not hesitate to speak in “foreign language” at the request of the presenters.

Source metroecuador.com

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