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Madrid are investigating the placement of awnings in the Puerta del Sol reform following last weeks controversy

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The future Puerta del Sol needs shade. This is the conclusion reached by the councilors of the Madrid City Council this morning during the works committee. José Manuel Calvo, Mayor of Recupera Madrid “a formation founded by three former members of Más Madrid in 2021 after internal disagreements”, asked the popular mayor the following question. “Knowing that you can’t put up trees because there’s an exchanger underneath, it’s possible to put up awnings or similar elements that create shady areas,” he noted. “It’s entirely possible to incorporate light elements that don’t obscure the view of this space and that are compatible with the thickness of the panel, which can create shade canopies.”

The city council was blunt. “I agree with you,” he said. “We are studying with the board of directors of the center and would like the merchants of the square to join in so that shaded areas are integrated into the sunniest areas of the square. I agree that it will be necessary to recover the awnings that are there and to be able to do it in coordination with everyone”. According to the mayor, the proposal will be implemented once the reform has progressed further.

The epicenter and heart of the Spanish capital has been upside down for a few months. José Luis Martínez-Almeida intends to repeat this as his most important legacy as the city’s mayor in 2023. It will involve a municipal investment of 10.7 million euros. The work is expected to last until spring next year. This means that if everything goes according to plan, the inaugural ribbon will be cut in the middle of the regional and local election campaign.

On February 24, during the presentation of the project, the main criticism received by the city administration from the opposition was the elimination of all existing shadows on the square. The city council then explained that this was not possible at a press conference with questions:

“Will there be no plants, no trees?”

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-Nope. We tried, but the Local Heritage Commission wouldn’t let us. We will integrate it into the environment. It was not possible. And where they could, they did not abandon us.

“Big planters?”

“You tried to ask and it was impossible.”

Weeks later, during an interview with this newspaper, the architects of the project explained, Jose Ignacio Linazasoro and Ricardo SanchezThey explained that this was not feasible. “We would have liked to record it,” said Sánchez. “We planted 15 trees where it was possible, from Calle Mayor to Carrera de San Jerónimo.” However, Patrimonio forbade them to put the trees. Will there be shadow elements? “In particular, we thought of awnings in the area of ​​the north arch in front of the Real Casa de Correos building and in the style of the awnings placed on Calle de Preciados or Calle del Carmen. We don’t know if they’ll let us, but let’s hope so.”

Aerial view of the Puerta del Sol in and around Madrid in 2020. Alberto Ferreras

The changes of the place

What will change? All. The famous equestrian statue of Carlos III, which has stood in the center of the square since 1994, will be moved to the central building of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, the Real Casa de Correos. At this point, going out through these wooden doors of the building, one finds on the left the statue of Carlos III, placed on top of the only remaining fountain; at the front, with a large compass rose, where a small altar indicates that this is Spain’s kilometer zero – replacing the small existing canopy on the ground – and on the right you will find the new station environment. Other works.

bye bye swallow either whale. The Renfe train station of 2023 will have a more oval shape and will be more glazed so that there are no angles that obstruct the view. Completely transparent. The intention of those responsible is that the glass reinforces the impression of a much more open space. “This glass undergoes a treatment to mitigate the heat,” the factory representative said during the presentation of the project. “This is being moved across Europe, it is the most modern structure. This is the architecture of the 21st century”.

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