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Madonna assures that she is directing the film about her life so that it will not be directed by “misogynist men”.

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Nine years ago, a clothing label went viral. It promoted a Jacobs by Marc Jacobs garment for Marc by Marc Jacobs in collaboration with Mark Jacobs. The photo of it became a meme that perfectly reflected the importance of self in the age of the selfie. The viewer can biopic of Madonna have a similar feeling while watching the end credits of the film. The interpreter of Like a VirginThe 63-year-old has written a screenplay about her life and is now running as a possible director. The Madonna Story written by Madonna and directed by Madonna. The reasons for leading the project on so many fronts are to prevent others from doing it and not to portray it well. This was assured in a magazine interview diversity: “Making this film was a pre-emptive strike because a lot of people were trying to make films about me. Mostly misogynistic men. So I put my foot in the door and said, “No one’s going to tell my story but me.”

With these words, it’s not clear if the multifaceted artist will be in the director’s chair, which she has hinted at in the past, but it does seem to make it clear that she will play an important role in the development of the project. Right now Madonna is signing the screenplay she will be co-writing with Diablo Cody (Oscar-winning screenwriter for June) and finished polishing with Erin Cressida Wilson (Secretary, The girl on the train). But the writing process seems to be taking longer than it should, which Madonna also alludes to in the interview: “I have a very long script that I find very difficult to shorten. I’ve exploited it, but it’s like amputating parts of my body.”

It’s not the first time the Queen of Pop has spoken about the making of her film and how she decided to get involved to guarantee a feminine and feminist vision of her story. At an interview in show tonight With Jimmy Fallon last September, Madonna explained that she was involved in creating the script to stop other contestants. “The reason I do this is because a lot of people have tried to write films about me, but it’s always men,” he said with a disapproving scowl. “Universal Pictures sent me one of their scripts because they wanted my blessing. I read it and it was the most appalling, superficial garbage I’ve ever seen. I kept thinking, why should these people make a film about my life? There is nothing true in the script. The guy who does that doesn’t understand women, doesn’t appreciate them, doesn’t respect them,” she said.

The autobiographical genre is very common in literature, but not so much in cinema, where the few examples are more likely to be found in the documentary genre, and not so much in a great production like the one Madonna intends to make. There are directors who take inspiration from their childhood to tell stories (It was the hand of Godof Sorrentino, is the most recent and most successful example) and celebrities involved in the production of her biographical films (the Williams sisters were executive producers). The Williams method and Elton John was there rocket Man). But there are few cases of people who wrote and directed their own story, which is even more difficult when it was developed in front of the whole world.

Madonna has tightly controlled the narrative of her career for 40 years, which has brought her stratospheric success in the music world. The singer of hits like Fashion, express yourself, music, hang up either The beautiful island Since 1983 he has sold more than 335 million albums and singles. The way of telling, expressing and selling has been paramount in this career, with radical changes to adapt to the new times. However, in the cinema he had an irregular career.

Her brother Christopher Ciccone assured in 2008 that the problem was the diva’s over-control when arriving on set. “When you let go of that control and let other people do it, you get better results, like with avoid. Her poor choices and over-control have made her acting career what it is,” she explained in her bio. Live with my sister Madonnawhich she wasn’t doing very well.

Madonna will write and direct her biopic, but it seems clear she won’t be in it. The process of Pour still open. At first the names of actress Julia Garner and singer Sky Ferreira sounded, but in recent months the idea that it is the interpreter Florence Pugh has strengthened. “She’s, she’s definitely on the list,” Madonna said of the singer. midsummer at a meeting with the media last September. At that moment, the singer explained that the process of creating the script was “complicated but therapeutic.” And big.


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