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Macron estimates a “broad and clear” majority for the composition of the National Assembly as “possible”.

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French President Emmanuel Macron believes it is possible to find a large and clear majority as part of the negotiations with different parties and has said that “it is not justified” to deny unity given the composition of the National Assembly.

“I believe that it is therefore possible to find a larger and clearer majority to act at the crucial moment that we are living,” said the French leader, adding that he hoped this would happen “in the coming weeks”. If so, make agreements.

The governability of France is in jeopardy after the second round of the French general elections held on Sunday, in which the coalition around Macron, Together!, failed to secure an absolute majority and must therefore come to an agreement with other formations to guarantee the parliamentary process of government initiatives.

After the elections, together! (centre) has 246 of the 577 seats in the National Assembly. The Republicans (right) have 64 seats and the National Group (far right) 89. The New Ecologist and Social Union (Nupes, left) led by La Francia Insumisa won 146 seats.

As a result, Macron no longer has an absolute majority in the assembly. The French President has started a round of contacts with other parties, although the Republican party, representing the moderate right, has already made it clear that it will not support him for the time being.

In that sense, he confirmed this Wednesday that “most of the leaders” he spoke to have ruled out the possibility of a national unity government.” “In my opinion, that is not justified,” the French president said, the newspaper reports “Le Monde”.

In view of the “ruptures” revealed by the parliamentary elections, Macron called for “governing and legislating in a different way”. “Today, no political force can make laws alone. The president’s majority is relative,” he condemned.

“It will be necessary to work out compromises, enrichments and changes, but do so with total transparency and openness. If I may say so, it affects all political forces, starting with the majority of the President, and everyone else as well,” said Macron clarified. , as reported by ‘Ouest France’.

For this reason, “it must be clarified in the coming days what proportion of responsibility and cooperation the various formations of the National Assembly are willing to take on”. Likewise, he has indicated that the country “needs ambitious reforms to create more wealth and generate more innovation.”

The French President also drew attention to the “heavy abstention”. “Neither can I ignore the fractures, the deep divisions that run through our country and that are reflected in the composition of the new assembly,” he said.

Source europapress.es

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