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Luis Miguel reappears in the photos of an Ecuadorian singer

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The Sun of Mexico, Luis Miguel, reappears on social networks. This time they’re circulating a picture with the Ecuadorian Naiza and her friends in a bar – restaurant in Miami. This was posted by the singer.

“My birthday weekend started with the sun of Mexico and the little people I love the most, the best gift”, she wrote in an Instagram post where she is seen with Luis Miguel.

The singer died from the scene. His appearance surprises his fans as it is not common for him to be photographed at parties, but this time he agreed to take a picture.

The original image is a photo with three fans, including Naiza. The singer wears an elegant black suit with an open shirt at chest height, a cam and a chain.

His followers were happy to see him well at 52. In the comments we read that it looks “younger than ever” already regained its gallant appearance.

Naiza she was celebrating her birthday in a bar in the United States with her friends Jamalat LarachHonduran painter and influencer Agatha Sencion, when they went to the bathroom and they met Luis Miguel.

The before and after of Luis Miguel

In 2015, Luis Miguel He was criticized for his physical appearance. Social media users mentioned that he looked overweight, was going bald because he didn’t have his representative hair, and was older than his age.

Then he passed away from screens and cameras until they experienced sudden appearances as in 2021 in a restaurant and her physical change was starting to show, a little thinner, with longer, more collected hair.

The interpreter of “Guilty or not” now she has short hair, with a big smile and is enjoying the night.

Who is Naisa?

Naiza is an emerging Ecuadorian singer, her songs can be heard on different platforms.

He recently participated in the HTV Heat Awards and presented the category of the best artist of the Andean region, where the Colombian Farina won. Naiza is 26 years old and has lived in Miami for over two years.

Source metroecuador.com

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