Luis Garicano, MEP and head of the citizens’ delegation in the European Parliament, announced this Wednesday via social networks that he is giving up his parliamentary duties to become a professor at Columbia University (New York). The economist and one of the mainstays of Inés Arrimadas’ party says goodbye to politics in a video in which he defends Europe and the work of the European institutions. Arrimadas thanked Garicano for “the tremendous work done” and wished him luck in his return to teaching.

Garicano assures in his note that during the 3 years that he had “the honor” of being an MEP, he worked to make Europe useful to its citizens and that he has now decided to return as an economics professor, a job he has had for almost three decades, because “education and research” are his vocation.

Before announcing worldwide that he is leaving politics, Garicano explained in an interview in El Confidencial that his “professional calling has always been the university” where I have practiced for almost three decades. So he says he “always” thought “that he would be in step politics, he would be for a few years”. “I have been in the European Parliament for three years and I think it is time to return to my job. I leave. That doesn’t mean he stops thinking about public policy, about ideas. To improve education, training. But not from active politics,” he affirms.

Garicano assured that the Ciudadanos crisis “in no way” influenced his decision and wished the party he is leaving “all the luck in the world” while he immersed himself in their re-foundation. “It has nothing to do with my decision. It’s based solely on the fact that I want to continue my academic life and I have the opportunity to do so at Columbia University in the United States,” he reiterated.

Following the publication of this announcement, Ciudadanos has sent a statement to the media confirming that Garicano has decided to accept the “extraordinary opportunity” of a professorship at Columbia University and that he must therefore leave the act of parliament. “From Cs we congratulate our colleague Luis on this great professional achievement, further proof that the Spanish liberal project is made up of talented people and a valuable, recognized and exemplary career outside of politics,” he says.

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He also thanks him “very much for his meritorious work” in all these years in the party and in the European Parliament, where, according to the formation, he “leaves a big mark”. “It will be an honor for me to continue to count on your support and cooperation, already as a member of civil society belonging to this party and belonging to this political space that has enriched so much and where you will always have your home,” adds add the note. Finally, the management of Ciudadanos wishes Luis Garicano well in this new phase, while reaffirming “the pride of having him at the heart of our political formation”.

“Congratulations, dear Luis, on this great opportunity that is before you,” Arrimadas said on Twitter, where he assured that they would continue to defend “the same values”.

Source elpais.com

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