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Lufthansa pilots bring scope clause into play

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FRANKFURT – Negotiations between Lufthansa and the Cockpit Association for a new collective agreement for pilots of the main brands are stalling. Another body, the representation of the Cockpit group, urges corrections to a “personnel policy gone wrong” – and makes concrete proposals in the room.

What next after the crisis? Lufthansa and the pilots of the main brands have been fighting for a new tariff agreement – and have been for months.

The second Corona crisis collective agreement expired on March 31 without replacement. Cockpit terminated the collective wage agreements and framework collective agreements in the core companies. The turning point remains Lufthansa’s exit from the Perspective Agreement (PPV) at the end of 2021.

Since 2017, the PPV has guaranteed Group pilots a minimum fleet of 325 aircraft. Lufthansa wants to melt the commitment for parts of the European fleet, recently expressed his willingness to speak.

The influential representative of the Cockpit group brings a scope clause as a solution. “We need (…) a serious commitment as soon as possible, as would be possible, for example, in a scope clause as a successor to the PPV”, indicates a note from the representative of the group on July 13. The document is available on aero.de.

Scope clauses are airline-specific fare thresholds that are usually based on fleet or number of seats.

Does Lufthansa bite? Unclear – the group does not wish to comment publicly on open collective bargaining issues at this time. The situation is tense the pilots’ union Vereinigung Cockpit is ready to strike with a ballot underway.

Cityline 2 is a thorn in the side of pilots

The Cockpit Group representative calls for a “sustainable correction” of a “deviant personnel policy” of the Lufthansa Group Board of Directors – and a “definitive halt to all outsourcing plans, such as Cityline 2”.

Lufthansa is currently releasing a Cityline copy of the fare in Munich. New air operations should start in early 2023 with around forty aircraft.

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