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Lufthansa and pilots postpone sensitive issues


FRANKFURT — The agreement between Lufthansa and its pilots last week only results in a nearly ten-month collective bargaining agreement. The deal includes significant pay increases and outstanding issues are to be negotiated by June 30, 2023, Lufthansa announced on Monday.

Until then, there is a peace bond, so that passengers need not fear any further pilot strikes for the time being. In the current round of collective bargaining, the pilots’ strike day of September 2 remains.

The approximately 5,000 pilots of Lufthansa’s central company and the freight subsidiary Lufthansa Cargo will receive a flat-rate increase in their monthly basic pay in two stages. Retrospectively from August 1, 2022 and again on April 1, 2023, the table goes up by 490 euros gross.

Especially for young professionals in the lower tariff groups, this means sharp double-digit percentage increases. Lufthansa earned around 20% more for young co-pilots, while final stage captains would receive 5.5% more money. The increases are higher than the company’s last public offering.

VC tariff expert Marcel Gröls described the increases as “encouraging”. A further step towards a lasting partnership has also been taken. Gröls said: “We are currently on the right track with Lufthansa.” Lufthansa Human Resources Director Michael Niggemann announced a dialogue of trust with the Cockpit Association to find lasting solutions.

Clarity needs to be created over the coming months on other collective bargaining and co-determination issues.

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Source aero.de

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