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Luckily we have Gervais left

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It’s the greatest act of validation in life. It’s about a joyful and liberating thing called laughter. Even more wonderful when darkness and isolation engulfs everything. There is a great comedian who gives me this gift. And they say that when there’s complicity, it’s easier to laugh when you share it with others. But with Ricky Gervais alone, I smile and often burst out laughing. I even stand up to applaud him. If a hidden camera filmed me, it would conclude that I was tipsy at my lonely party. Let me get you into a clinic. Provided you can see the monologues or dialogues of the likes of Lenny Bruce, Groucho Marx, Tip and Coll, Gila, Coronas and Gervais.

Gervais’ humor isn’t for everyone. I have nothing against palates that refuse the taste of caviar. your loss. This man is short, bearded and fat. He also has a gifted brain, mental agility, freedom, dynamite appeal to convention and established power, expressive ferocity, irreverence, grace. It moves through the fire without getting burned. Search patiently on Netflix for two of his titled monologues mankind Y super nature. And his eccentric, sarcastic and tender series life after death. Those running the show now, its inquisitors and police force, should fear Gervais. His poisonous darts dare with religions, transgender, inclusion, racism, with so many untouchable little things. Convention, orthodoxy and smug idiocy are your enemies. His talent constantly remains in a state of grace. I love him.

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