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Lucas Cordalis chats out of the box: This is why his relationship with Jasmin Wagner failed

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Lucas Cordalis
This is why the relationship with Jasmin Wagner failed at the time

Jasmine Wagner and Lucas Cordalis

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Lucas Cordalis has found the perfect woman for him in Daniela Katzenberger. In the past, the singer was also in a relationship with Jasmin Wagner for four years. Lucas now explains why the relationship failed in his and Daniela’s podcast.

In 2018, Jasmin Wagner, 42, and Lucas Cordalis, 54, surprised when they learned that they were in a relationship many years ago and that “Blümchen” lost his innocence to the pop singer at 17. . “We were very much in love with each other. Lucas was totally sensitive and considerate, a great lover. I noticed he had a lot of experience,” Jasmine enthused about “Bild.” Lucas added: “It was incredibly romantic. I had never slept with a virgin before, so I was very considerate. We had sex several times during the night until the sun gets up.”

Lucas Cordalis talks about his separation from Jasmin Wagner

But why did the relationship that looked like a great love break up? At the time, Lucas explained that the constant secrecy turned out to be a relationship killer. But in their “Katze & Cordalis” podcast on Podimo, Lucas and his wife Daniela Katzenberger, 35, give a different answer to that question: “We were just too different. sad about it and neither am I,” Lucas said.

Tattooed wrists of Daniela Katzenberger, Lucas Cordalis and Sophia Cordalis

No jealousy with Daniela Katzenberger

Daniela herself properly hugs her husband in the podcast. The reality TV actress seems to have no problem listening to love stories from Lucas’ past. “I’m never jealous, I was such a fan of flowers when I was 12,” she once said in an interview with RTL. But it sounds different in the podcast: “You dared to stand next to her” […] Why is she touching you?” She approaches her husband jokingly. Lucas defends himself: “It’s so easy to explain. It was the opening of Megapark.”

During the event the two are talking about, Lucas and Jasmin stood together on camera for the first time in an interview. The two still have a good relationship 20 years after their separation: “It was really a long time ago, but it was a good choice”, Jasmin flatters her ex-boyfriend in the RTL interview and adds: “C It was a really, really good time. Our families are also still very connected.

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