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Lower Saxony and Bremen: The number of Corona-infected students is rising again

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Lower Saxony and Bremen
The number of students infected with Corona is increasing again

Hannover (dpa / lni) – The number of schoolchildren infected with the corona virus has increased again in Lower Saxony after several weeks. On Friday, around 13,000 of them were unable to go to school due to a positive test, according to a spokesman for the Ministry of Education in Hannover. On Friday of last week there were around 11,150 students, two weeks ago 12,870. Currently, three schools in the state are conducting distance learning due to the high number of coronavirus cases.

According to the information, about 1,700 school employees were affected by a positive corona test this Friday, including 1,240 teachers. A week ago there were a total of 1,270 school employees, two weeks ago around 1,400.

According to the ministry, around 1.1 million schoolchildren attend some 3,000 schools in Lower Saxony, and around 100,000 people work there.

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