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Lower Saxony and Bremen: The Court of Auditors rebukes the financing practice in Bremen

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Lower Saxony and Bremen
The Court of Auditors criticizes the financing practice in Bremen

Bremen (dpa / lni) – The Court of Auditors of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen has criticized the practice of public financing in Germany’s smallest federal state as unacceptable. “The errors and violations of law that can be identified in the provision of public funds do not decrease, unfortunately they increase year after year,” Bettina Sokol, president of the Court of Auditors, denounced this Thursday at the presentation of the 2022 annual report. reports for the state and city.

Bremen spends more than 500 million euros each year to financially support institutions and projects that are of interest to Bremen. There is often a lack of proper allocation and use of funds. Sokol criticized the fact that applications were approved without complete documents and that grants were awarded above the real needs despite existing own funds or even that there was double financing.

The Court of Auditors found a particularly drastic example of misconduct in the education department. As a result of the funding practice regarding the district school, unused budget funds of around 8.6 million euros would have accumulated in January 2021. Sokol: “Withdrawing funds from the general budget in this way adds a dimension addition to the whole process. However, Bremen’s biggest problem remained so-called old debts and the associated risk of changes in interest rates.

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