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Lower Saxony and Bremen: The court in Auricher is the first land registry office to use digital files

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Lower Saxony and Bremen
The courthouse in Aurich is the first cadastre to use digital files

Aurich (dpa / lni) – As the first district court in Lower Saxony, the Aurich court in East Frisia now uses digital file management for property registration matters. With the so-called electronic basic file, the communication between the land registry and the notaries in the judicial district now takes place digitally, as the Ministry of Justice in Hannover announced on Monday. “There will be almost no paper in land registration in the future,” said Justice Minister Barbara Havliza (CDU).

The start in Aurich was already at the beginning of March. The district courts of Hamelin and Braunschweig should also switch to digital file management by the summer. After this pilot phase, the 80 property registrations in Lower Saxony will gradually follow.

The property registry itself, that is, the official registry in which the ownership of real estate is registered, is already kept digitally. What is new is that the basic files, which contain cost estimates and documents for land registry entries, will also be paperless in the future.

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