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Lower Saxony and Bremen: Teachers urgently needed: Bremerhaven launches campaign

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Lower Saxony and Bremen
Teachers urgently wanted: Bremerhaven launches campaign

Bremerhaven (dpa / lni) – In search of new teachers, the city of Bremerhaven launched an advertising campaign on Friday. With banners at bus stops in northern German university towns, slogans on social media and two image films on YouTube, the city is recruiting teachers for all kinds of schools, as Bremerhaven’s school principal said, Michael Frost. There are currently 55 vacancies in the 39 Seestadt schools. The situation in primary schools is particularly dramatic.

In two primary schools, children recently had to be sent homeschooling for several days because there were no teachers. “We have a very precarious situation there right now,” Frost said. In addition to vacancies, there were many corona-related absences and, as is often the case in winter, a high level of sick leave.

The target group of the two-year €80,000 “Teachers:in Bremerhaven” campaign are both student teachers and career changers from all over northern Germany. “Our schools offer teachers a high level of educational freedom,” Frost emphasized. “The system is not rigid.”

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