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Lower Saxony and Bremen: SPD does not ask Schröder about a trip to Moscow

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Lower Saxony and Bremen
The SPD does not ask Schröder about the trip to Moscow

Berlin (dpa/lni) – After Gerhard Schröder’s trip to Moscow, the SPD does not want to question the former chancellor about his talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin about the war in Ukraine. “Now we will not try to find out anything about the reasons for this trip,” General Secretary Kevin Kühnert said in Berlin on Monday. At the party headquarters, no more was known about the trip than was reported in the media.

“If you think you’ve gained any insights there that are important for future policy decisions by the federal government, then I think you have all the contact information at your disposal that you can fall back on,” Kühnert said. “As long as it doesn’t, we have to assume that this is not a trip of great importance for the political decisions that must now be made by those responsible.”

Schröder traveled to Moscow on Wednesday for talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin about the Ukraine war. According to information from dpa and other media, Schröder flew to Moscow via Istanbul. On Thursday, a conversation took place between Schröder and Putin.

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