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Lower Saxony and Bremen: Some health authorities have to do without the Bundeswehr

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Lower Saxony and Bremen
Some health authorities have to do without the Bundeswehr

Contact tracing or corona tests: The Bundeswehr has greatly helped many municipalities with its work during the corona pandemic. Now, in many places, the end of aid is foreseeable.

Hannover (dpa/lni) – In future, several cities in Lower Saxony will have to fight the pandemic again with fewer attendees. According to a spokesman, support for the Bundeswehr in the Hanover region health department will end on Friday of next week. More recently, 59 soldiers were still deployed.

Upon request, the city of Osnabrück announced that around 20 soldiers were currently deployed in the Osnabrück city and district health service. They are currently on hold until March 17.

A city spokesman said: “Despite the operation, contact tracing is already limited to critical areas due to the high number of infections.” Therefore, the health service continues to see the need for the support of the Bundeswehr.

The city of Oldenburg will have to do without the help of ten soldiers from the end of next week. According to a spokeswoman, there are no more soldiers deployed in Wolfsburg. There was a delay in reporting corona cases due to the high incidence. In addition, there were corona infections among their own staff, which is why these employees were unable to work.

The state command of the Bundeswehr said on request that help would also be possible in the coming week. However, the number of attendees may change depending on the situation. The country’s command had already said about a week ago that the continuation of administrative assistance depended on further security policy and military developments on NATO’s eastern flank and in Ukraine.

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