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Lower Saxony and Bremen: Seven slightly injured by gas leak in a residential building

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Lower Saxony and Bremen
Seven slightly injured in gas leak in residential building

Obernkirchen (dpa/lni) – Seven people were slightly injured by a gas leak in a residential building in Obernkirchen (Schaumburg district). Residents complained of discomfort and were rescued from the house by rescuers, a police spokesman said on Saturday. Around 30 emergency services from the fire brigade and the rescue service moved in on Saturday night, and all residents were able to receive medical care at the scene.

What type of gas it was and where it came from is still unclear, the police spokesman said. It could have been carbon monoxide (CO). Colorless and odorless carbon monoxide is produced when coal or gas is burned. Symptoms of poisoning include dizziness, headaches, and loss of consciousness.

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