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Lower Saxony and Bremen: Police arrest drunk driver with 550 packs of cigarettes

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Lower Saxony and Bremen
Police arrest drunk driver with 550 packs of cigarettes

Hanover (dpa / lni) – Police pulled out a drunk driver with hundreds of unpaid packs of cigarettes in the car on Autobahn 2 near Hanover. A witness initially observed the man driving his car in wavy lines and reported it to officers. A highway police patrol tried to stop the 46-year-old man at the Hannover-Ost motorway junction; the driver sometimes turned his car so hard that he nearly collided with the squad car, police said Monday.

Cops finally guided the man to a parking lot for checkup Sunday night. A breath alcohol test showed a value of 2.72 per thousand. In addition, officials found several boxes with a total of 553 packages of unpaid cigarettes in his car. The tax obligation is estimated at around 16,600 euros. Officers seized the car keys, driver’s license and cigarettes. Police and customs launched investigations.

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