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Lower Saxony and Bremen: New platform should make it easier to report hate posts

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Lower Saxony and Bremen
New platform to make it easier to report hateful posts

Hannover (dpa/lni) – In Lower Saxony, more cases of hate crimes will be reported on the Internet. Individuals, media companies and advice centers can quickly and easily report hate comments on news or social media sites on a purpose-built internet platform. Hate and hate speech online can be entered at www.hassanzeige.de. The Central Office for Combating Hate Crimes on the Internet – Lower Saxony (ZHIN) offers the opportunity to report insults, the public prosecutor’s office in Göttingen announced on Thursday.

Anyone who becomes a victim or witnesses hateful posts, for example on Facebook or Twitter, can report it so that such behavior does not go unnoticed. Criminal charges can be filed on your own for free and without consulting an attorney. The sender of a criminal complaint will be informed about the progress of the procedure. If there is a court hearing, personal testimony is not necessary in the vast majority of cases.

The objective is the effective prosecution of people who express themselves criminally with the help of the Internet and are characterized by highly aggressive, intimidating and threatening behavior, as was also said. This development must be vigorously combated.

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