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Lower Saxony and Bremen: Landvolk: Smaller print runs would increase productivity

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Lower Saxony and Bremen
Rural people: smaller print runs would increase productivity

Hannover (dpa / lni) – With a view to the consequences of Ukraine’s war over security of supply, the rural population has called for the lifting of environmental and nature conservation requirements for agriculture. This would allow cereal production to be increased by ten percent in Lower Saxony this year, Landvolk chairman Holger Hennies said, according to an association statement from him. In the medium term, the additional environmental protection measures planned for agriculture up to 2030 should be tested.

According to Hennies, to compensate for grain and maize harvests that may be lost due to the war in Ukraine, restrictions on fertilizers mandated by the EU to protect groundwater, among other things, should be lifted. In areas with high levels of nitrate pollution, groundwater protection means less fertilizer is needed than is needed by plants, leading to lower yields. Greater water extraction for field irrigation should also be allowed without bureaucracy.

On Thursday, the Union agriculture ministers of several federal states had already called for swift action to be taken with a view to the conflict. “The ecological aspects are important, but now they must take a step back for the necessary time,” said Saxony-Anhalt’s Agriculture Minister Sven Schulze. The EU commissioner responsible for climate policy, Frans Timmermans, recently spoke out against this approach.

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