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Lower Saxony and Bremen: High risk of forest fires over the weekend in eastern Lower Saxony

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Lower Saxony and Bremen
High risk of forest fires over the weekend in eastern Lower Saxony

Lüneburg (dpa / lni) – The dry spring weather increases the risk of forest fires, especially in the eastern half of Lower Saxony. According to the German Weather Service (DWD), the second highest warning level 4 out of 5 wildfire danger levels applies this Saturday and Sunday in the Lüneburg Heath and Göhrde area. The southeast of the country is also affected. Level 3 is reported for the rest of Lower Saxony and in Bremen. Relaxation is not expected until the beginning of the new week.

The forest fire control center in Lüneburg has specially trained foresters from danger level 3 onwards. 440,000 hectares of forest are controlled in the northeast of Lower Saxony, which is particularly endangered. Smoking is currently prohibited in the forest, no open fire can be made. Cars must not be parked on dry vegetation and only in such a way that escape routes remain clear.

In view of the dry weather, the state forests of Lower Saxony had already pointed out the risk of forest fires days ago and appealed to the awareness of the dangers of forest visitors. Consequently, the low humidity and light wind dry out the undergrowth lying on the forest floor.

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