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Lower Saxony and Bremen: Four camels escaped: police bring animals back

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Lower Saxony and Bremen
Four dromedaries escaped: the police bring animals back

Unusual encounter for policemen in Wilhelmshaven: Four camels escape from a circus. As the animals meanwhile settle in the street, the officials have to get to work.

Wilhelmshaven (dpa / lni) – Four escaped dromedaries called the police in Wilhelmshaven. The animals had escaped from the winter camp of a circus in the south of the city and had traveled some 500 meters to a settlement, police said on Friday. A photo taken by officers showed three of the four animals on a street in front of houses and a patrol car. According to law enforcement officials, there was no damage or danger to road traffic. According to a police spokesman, alarmed officers herded the animals back to the winter camp, where circus workers took them halfway. The animals were unharmed during their journey.

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