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Lower Saxony and Bremen: duo from Lower Saxony with a record for changing tractor tires

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Lower Saxony and Bremen
Duo from Lower Saxony with a record for changing tractor tires

Heeslingen (dpa / lni) – How quickly can a tractor tire be changed? It took only 3 minutes and 16 seconds for Mariam Suhk (23) and Menko Lottmann (42) to lift a tractor in a workshop in Heeslingen (Rotenburg district), loosen the wheel with an impact wrench and mount a new wheel. According to Germany’s registration institute, the two screwdrivers managed to change the rear wheel of a tractor in the fastest time ever – a world record.

“It went very well,” said Mariam Suhk after Thursday’s successful record attempt. Although the attempt had been planned for a long time, Suhk and Lottmann did not practice changing tires very often, only about 25 times. The team works for a wholesaler of spare parts and accessories in the agricultural sector.

An institute record judge oversaw the test and also checked the torque of the newly installed wheel bolts on the vehicle, which weighed around seven tons. He then presented the two screwdrivers with the registration certificates. To be recognized as a record, the record institute had to master a change in at least five minutes.

The Record Institute for Germany is considered the German-language counterpart to the Guinness Book of Records. About half a dozen judges are all over the country to get the best grades. In 2019 there were around 50 to 60. In addition, there were around 200 registrations that were registered online directly with the RID. The database is our own database as well as the Internet in German and other languages.

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