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Lower Saxony and Bremen: damaged rescue helicopter – truck needed for removal

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Lower Saxony and Bremen
Damaged rescue helicopter: truck needed for evacuation

Riepe (dpa / lni) – A rescue helicopter landed on a wooden pole and was damaged during an operation in the Aurich district. Due to a medical emergency, the helicopter landed in a field in Riepe on Sunday night, police said. In the middle of the meadow there was a wooden post that the pilot could not see in the dark. The stake went through the bottom of the rescue helicopter and into the cockpit. No one was injured. The helicopter can no longer fly and has to be transported by low-bed truck.

In reality, a rescue helicopter can only land on an airfield in the dark. Since the medical emergency involved a child, the pilot made an exception. The boy was first taken to a hospital in an ambulance and from there he was transferred to a clinic in another rescue helicopter.

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