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Lower Saxony and Bremen: daily elephant tour in the Diepholz district

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Lower Saxony and Bremen
Daily elephant tour in the Diepholz district

Every day, three female elephants cross a public road on their way from one part of the Ströhen Zoo to another. the audience is welcome.

Ströhen (dpa / lni) – The “elephant walk” is one of the highlights of everyday life in the small town of Ströhen, in the Diepholz district between Hannover and Osnabrück. Every day at 2:00 p.m., the three elephant cows Mala, Baby and Yumba go from one part of the Ströhen Zoo via a public road to the other part of the zoo. The walk with the 40-plus-year-old Asian elephants is part of an employment program for former circus animals, says Tierpark spokeswoman Yvonne Habermann.

“The elephants have been with us for four years,” says Habermann. The animals have their retirement home at the zoo. To provide them with enough employment, the animal keepers take the elderly elephants out every day. Visitors are welcome, says Habermann. You can feed all three pachyderms with carrots.

At 4:00 pm, the animals are brought out onto the grass of the animal park and are allowed to roam freely. In the summer months, after 6:00 pm, the female elephants also take a long walk of about an hour through the zoo’s forest, during which they are also allowed to move freely and do things in the forest that they like to do. to the elephants. : chewing on trees, rubbing tree trunks themselves, or throwing sand or soil. In very hot temperatures, the animals might also swim in a roadside pond, Habermann said.

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