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Lower Saxony and Bremen: Bremen: Distribution key required for war refugees

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Lower Saxony and Bremen
Bremen: distribution keys needed for war refugees

Bremen (dpa/lni) – Bremen Social Senator Anja Stahmann (Greens) believes that it is necessary in the medium term to distribute the people who fled Ukraine before the war according to a key of the federal states. “In this humanitarian emergency, we have to do everything possible to help people. However, in the medium term, we need a systematic distribution based on the proven K√∂nigstein key,” she told the German Press Agency (dpa) on Friday.

This key takes into account, among other things, the economic strength, tax revenue and population of the respective federal state. The Admissions Law also regulates that the key always applies if the countries have not agreed otherwise. Stahmann emphasized that she was not expressly concerned about any limitations on the admission of refugees from Ukraine. “But an overload of individual municipalities and federal states must be avoided.”

Lower Saxony’s Interior Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD) still does not believe that a key for the distribution of war refugees between the federal states is necessary. “Nowadays it is important to welcome people from Ukraine quickly and in solidarity,” Pistorius said Thursday. “If we find that individual cities or federal states are overburdened and there are severe imbalances, the federal government must establish a redistribution process.”

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