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Lower Saxony and Bremen: branches on the tracks: the federal police are looking for witnesses

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Lower Saxony and Bremen
Branches on the tracks: Federal Police looking for witnesses

Cloppenburg (dpa / lni) – After two dangerous situations with branches on the tracks of the Oldenburg – Osnabrück railway line, the federal police are looking for witnesses to the events. Two trains on Sunday ran over branches placed on the tracks, which apparently were deliberately placed there, federal police announced Monday. In accordance with prior knowledge, strong branches were placed across both rails. Despite the initiated emergency braking, the NordWestBahn train driver was unable to avoid a collision. After the evacuation by firefighters, the train was able to continue. In both cases, the trains remained operational and no visible damage was found.

The federal police launched investigations into dangerous interventions in rail traffic. It remains to be determined whether the two cases are related. The office in Oldenburg accepts information from witnesses at 0441-218380.

The federal police again pointed out the dangers. Staying in the track area is prohibited and life-threatening. Approaching trains are very quiet and only noticeable very late. Furthermore, the braking distance of a moving train is considerably greater than that of a road vehicle. In addition to the considerable danger to oneself when crossing the runway illegally, run over objects can be thrown and become real projectiles.

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