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Lower Saxony and Bremen: Bishop Bode: Necessity has promoted a counterweight to solidarity

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Lower Saxony and Bremen
Monsignor Bode: Necessity has promoted a counterweight to solidarity

Osnabrück (dpa/lni) – The Catholic Bishop of Osnabrück, Franz-Josef Bode, pointed out the hope of the faithful in the face of the pandemic and war. The hardships and death of the pandemic and also of war would have produced a counterweight of solidarity and a lot of new knowledge and ideas that people often couldn’t immediately assess, Bode said according to the manuscript of Monday night’s speech in his sermon in Osnabrück Cathedral.

The General Secretariat of the European Episcopal Conferences convened the mass. Every day of Lent 2022, Holy Mass will be celebrated in a European country in memory of those who died in the Corona pandemic. The service took place in France on Sunday and will continue in Greece on Tuesday, the German Bishops’ Conference announced.

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