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Lower Saxony and Bremen: Bin: All refugee children receive educational opportunities

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Lower Saxony and Bremen
Ton: All refugee children receive educational opportunities

Hundreds of women with children seek protection in Lower Saxony. Education Minister Tonne wants to involve Ukrainian educators in kindergartens and schools. Teachers see great challenges because the pandemic is not over yet.

Hannover (dpa / lni) – All children from Ukraine who have fled to Lower Saxony should receive care or education. Nursery and school providers have maximum flexibility on site in the acute emergency, Education Minister Grant Hendrik Tonne said Friday in Hannover in front of state parliamentarians from the Education Committee. “We have structures in place and in place to take in children and young people and support them,” the SPD politician explained. The current drama, dimension and dynamics of refugee movements due to war would very quickly push the system as it is to its limits.

The adults who have arrived will be involved in the new care and support services. “There will be many women with a basic pedagogical education among the Ukrainian refugees, whose skills we urgently need to use,” the minister said, naming teachers, educators, music or theater educators, scientists and students.

“We will need to include your skills in further planning and generating suitable job offers,” Tonne announced. It is being examined whether they can be hired as educational staff, cultural mediators, in the best of cases as teachers or career changers. “There are no prohibitions to think about this situation,” the minister emphasized. In the nursery area, the main thing is how the space can be created in groups.

According to the Lower Saxony Teachers’ Association, schools need a lot of personal support to meet the challenge. At the same time, corona protection must be ensured, the head of the association, Torsten Neumann, said on Friday. The vaccination status of the refugees is around 35 percent. “The state government must immediately ensure that the refugees receive an offer of vaccination. In affected schools, precautionary measures such as regular testing and protective masks must be maintained, and proper vaccinations offered,” Neumann said.

It is unclear how many kindergarten and school children have fled Ukraine to Lower Saxony. Therefore, the country wants to establish a new information system. The first figures from the schools should be available next week.

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