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Lose to win again: from ‘Angolazo’ to the most mourned silver


And from the glory of Spanish sport in Barcelona 92 ​​​​to the bitter aftertaste of defeat. From the Spanish basketball team’s hardest hit at the games to the heartbreak of the water polo team’s epic final against Italy with three overtimes.

“It was tough,” admits Jordi Villacampa of “El Angolazo”. “The most cried silver; we are devastated, but so are our people. We feel like we let them down,” said Dani Ballart and Jordi Sans at the Picornell pools.

Lose to win again. Spanish basketball grew and later inspired the best generations. In Atlanta 96, Spanish water polo was crowned with gold.

Fermín Cacho, Miriam Blasco, Kiko Narváez, José Manuel Moreno, Eli Maragall, Maribel Martínez, Jordi Villacampa, Jordi Sans, Dani Ballart, Theresa Zabell, Manuel Fonseca, Pedro Palacios, Juan Antonio Samaranch Salisachs, Francesc Terrón recall the great moments of those Play with AS experts and special envoys. Olga Viza and Paloma del Río round off the journey through time with their special vision after long Olympic experience.

The eternal flame also reveals the recent footsteps of Cobi and Petra, the mascots that Javier Mariscal’s brilliant stroke lit up. The designer takes paper and markers and presents the Cobi 3.0 with a scooter for AS. The pet with feelings follows the last.

It was the games that changed the games. The perfect combination of spectacle and emotion. For many the best games in history. The 22 medals are still a reference for Spanish sport today. The flame lives on.

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