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“Los Lagartos”: a detained minor has no criminal record

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A minor is among the 16 detainees believed to be linked to the criminal organization, ‘Los Lagartos’. This structure operated in the provinces of Guayas and Santa Elena. They controlled several territories in Guasmo, Esteros, Landless Proletarians, Punta Arrecha and Ciudad Perdida, where they distributed controlled substances for internal consumption.

According to a National Police report, some of those who made up this criminal structure used the salty estuary as a transport route for the alkaloid to cargo ships leaving the seaport for their final destination, North America and the United States. ‘Europe.

After six months of investigation, the police operation called “Rescate Ecuador Gran Impacto 014” was carried out, during which they raided 29 properties in Guayaquil and two properties in Salinas. Similarly, two shrimp farms intervened in the canton of Naranjal.

Minor with no history

Through this operation, they arrested 16 people of Ecuadorian nationality, who have criminal records for possession of weapons, drug trafficking, illicit association and among others. Among the detainees is a minor who has no criminal record and has been isolated.

During the operation, they seized: 22 firearms, 114 cartridges of different calibers, 8,500 US dollars, 36 mobile phones, 3 communication radios and 2 motorcycles.

During their investigation, they identified two criminal structures that would belong to “Los Lagartos”, led by Luis V., alias “Ojón”, and José R.

Interior Minister Patricio Carrillo posted via Twitter that: “Criminal organizations need to know that we won’t rest a single day until they are dismantled and brought to justice.”


Through its social networks, the prosecutor’s office indicated that “hearings for the formulation of the respective charges will take place in the next few hours”.

Who are the Lizards?

It is a criminal organization made up of smaller organizations and considered one of the most dangerous criminal gangs in Ecuador.

“The rivalry with Los Choneros has generated unprecedented levels of violence on the streets and the Ecuadorian prison system,” the site explains. InsightCrimean organization that investigates organized crime in Latin America and the Caribbean.

His name is derived from a gang that has been operating in prisons across the country for a decade. He was primarily engaged in recruiting hitmen to carry out assassinations for larger groups.

Power gangs aligned with Los Lagartos are: Los Gángster Negros in Esmeraldas, Los Latin Kings in Durán, and Cuartel de las Feas in Guacamo. While Los Tiguerones, Los Lobos, and Los Chone Killers were once loyal to Los Choneros, this is stated on the portal.

Who is the leader of ‘The Lizards’?

The leader of “Los Largartos”, as far as we know, is Carlos Mantilla Cevallos, alias “Choclo”. He took power of this criminal organization after the death (by coronavirus) of his brother, Geovanny Mantilla, alias ‘el Gorras’ in Sucumbíos prison in June 2020.

Alias ​​’Choclo’ has been in the Litoral penitentiary since 2012 for murder. According to the police, he leads the criminal gang from prison, just like his brother did.

According to the investigations, Mantilla would be involved in the murder of Efraín Ruales (January 27, 2021). According to the prosecution, alias ‘Choclo’ was contacted by the intellectual who committed the crime and hired three young people to carry out the murder.


Source metroecuador.com

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