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London hints at Johnson’s imminent visit to Saudi Arabia

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Britain on Sunday defended its efforts to persuade Saudi Arabia to increase its oil production, after Western consumers began to feel the effects of sanctions imposed on Russia.
Housing and Communities Minister Michael Gove did not deny reports published by “The Times” on Saturday that Prime Minister Boris Johnson will visit Saudi Arabia within days.

The newspaper reported that Johnson will seek to urge Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to help ease the repercussions of sanctions imposed on Russia on Westerners in the context of its invasion of Ukraine, after Britain and the United States announced the ban on Russian oil. imports

“Saudi Arabia is a security partner for the UK,” Gove said.

A British government spokesman, contacted by AFP, did not give details of Johnson’s travel dates for the next few days. On Tuesday, Johnson is scheduled to host a defense summit of northern European leaders.

The repercussions of the sanctions imposed on Russia caused the prices of petrol and diesel in Britain to rise to record levels, which exacerbated a crisis that families live with the high cost of heating.

And on Thursday, Johnson said Britain and its allies are seeking alternatives to Russian oil and gas, to avoid falling victim to blackmail by Russian President Vladimir Putin again.

And “The Times” newspaper reported that Johnson is more able to attract bin Salman as he kept in contact with him through the WhatsApp application.

Russia is the largest gas producer and the second largest oil producer after Saudi Arabia.

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