The Logitech G Pro Wireless is an exceptional choice for any serious gamer. With ultra-low click latency, it keeps you in the action and ahead of your competition. And its impressive customization features plus its comfortable size & shape make it a great fit no matter what grip type or which hand you use to play – with dual side buttons on both sides; this mouse was built for all gamers!

Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse with Esports Grade Performance

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Its wireless design and convenient charging port make it easy to move around without worrying about cords getting in the way. Plus, you can customize your gaming experience with adjustable RGB lighting and programmable macro keys. The Logitech G Pro Wireless is an all-around great option for any serious gamer who wants a no-nonsense high-performance mouse. Highly recommended.

For those looking for a reliable mouse at an affordable price, the Logitech G Pro Wireless is an excellent choice. With its long battery life and high-performance features, it’s sure to keep you in the game and ahead of your competition. Plus, its impressive customization options make it one of the best gaming mice around.

Our Verdict

Logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse for Office/Multimedia 

The Logitech G Pro Wireless is the perfect mouse for professional use. Its lightweight, ergonomic design ensures comfortable gaming sessions over long periods of time and offers users the flexibility to fit a variety of grip types as well as hand sizes. It also comes with 15 programmable inputs so you are able to customize your user experience in an office environment; however, it does not feature Bluetooth connection capabilities.

The Logitech G Pro Wireless is a great option for those who need a reliable mouse that won’t break the bank. gaming gamers looking for a high-performance mouse, the Logitech G Pro Wireless is an outstanding choice. It features ultra-low click latency so you stay ahead of your competition and has adjustable RGB lighting

  • Lightweight, ergonomic design
  • 15 programmable inputs
  • Ultra-low click latency
  • Adjustable RGB lighting
  • No Bluetooth connection capabilities.

Video Games (FPS) on Logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse

The Logitech G Pro Wireless amalgamates cutting-edge gaming technology with a comfortable ergonomic design, delivering an experience perfect for first-person shooter games.

Whether you choose to connect via cable or wirelessly, this mouse provides low latency click response and is suitable for many hand sizes; however, those with smaller hands may find the fingertip grip difficult. Its lightweight construction ensures minimal drag when used without cables making it ideal if portability is essential in your setup.

  • Sleek design- Low latency wireless connection
  • Lightweight construction
  • Suitable for many hand sizes

  • Fingertip grip might be difficult for those with smaller hands – Can become uncomfortable after long gaming sessions

Logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse for Video Games (MMO)

The Logitech G Pro Wireless is a great mouse for MMO gaming, with an ergonomic design to ensure comfortable use during extended play sessions. With eight customizable buttons and two side buttons on each side, it packs the features needed for intricate strategic commands – though those with smaller hands may find their grip better suited to add attachments or alternate mouse styles.

For MMO gaming, the Pro Wireless’s programmable RGB lighting is also a great way to identify your characters in-game or show off some flashy designs while you flex. With a 1000Hz polling rate and an estimated 48-hour battery life with its HERO 16K sensor, it’s an ideal all-around device for gamers of all levels. The G Pro Wireless boasts a wide range of compatible software, from Logitech’s gaming suite to third-party MMO programs like Final Fantasy XIV or Elder Scrolls Online.

  • Ergonomic design for comfortable use
  • Eight customizable buttons
  • Programmable RGB lighting
  • 1000Hz polling rate
  • Compatible with multiple software programs

  • Limited side buttons for gamers with larger hands – Battery life could be better (48 hours)

Logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse for Travel 

The Logitech G Pro Wireless is a great pick for those who are on the go. Its lightweight, wireless design makes it an ideal companion to pack in your bag – plus no messy cables! Though you may need its USB dongle when connecting to certain devices due to lack of Bluetooth support. The G Pro Wireless also offers great battery life – up to 40 hours of play on a single charge. For those who are gaming on the go, this wireless mouse is sure to be a great choice. The Razer Basilisk Ultimate is another excellent choice for travelers. This wireless mouse has similar features to the G Pro Wireless, but with added benefits. It boasts a longer battery life of up to 100 hours, as well as a range of adjustable settings that offer gamers the ability to customize their mouse to meet their needs. Additionally, the Basilisk Ultimate offers an ergonomic design that’s comfortable to use for extended periods of time – perfect for long gaming sessions on the go!

  • Lightweight and wireless design
  • Great battery life
  • up to 40 hours on a single charge (G Pro Wireless) or up to 100 hours (Razer Basilisk Ultimate)
  • Customizable settings for greater control
  • Ergonomic design provides comfort while gaming

  • Lack of Bluetooth support may require USB dongle

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Shroud Edition

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Differences Between Sizes And Variants

Our team tested the state-of-the art Logitech G Pro Wireless, but if you’re looking for a wired option that still packs a punch there’s also the HERO model. Featuring an innovative design similar to its siblings – The G203 Prodigy and G305 LIGHTSPEED – this version of PRO is sure to provide gaming enthusiasts with unbeatable performance levels!

Compared To Other Mice

With its unique, versatile design and compatibility with macOS, Logitech G Pro Wireless is a clear leader among gaming mice. And it doesn’t stop there; this powerhouse also has amazing performance options that can be fully customized to your needs. If you want the best of the best in wireless devices – look no further! Want more Logitech? Check out our top picks for their most popular models too!

Test Results



  • Type =  Standard
  • Lighting Color = RGB

The Logitech G Pro Wireless is a great choice for gamers looking to ‘up’ their game. It boasts an aesthetically pleasing, matte plastic finish and features one RGB zone on its logo located conveniently at the back – perfect if you love customizing your gear!


  • Length = 5.0″ (126 mm)
  • Height = 1.6″ (40 mm)
  • Width = 2.5″ (63 mm)
  • Grip Width = 61 mm

This item is modestly sized, measuring 5 inches in length with a height of 1.6 inches and 2.5-inch width to comfortably fit into your hands – the grip measures 61 millimeters wide for enhanced portability and convenience.


  • Volume = 19.47 in³ (319 cm³)
  • Cable/Receiver Storing = Yes

 The Logitech G Pro is the perfect companion for gamers on-the-go. It’s compact size and removable wire make it easy to take with you wherever life takes you, while its receiver storage ensures that all your gaming accessories are safely stowed away.


Sensor = Hero 16K

DPI Range = 100-16000 DPI

Max Tracking Speed = 400 IPS

Responsiveness (1ms) = Yes

The Logitech G Pro Wireless boasts an impressive performance with its Hero 16K sensor and a max tracking speed of up to 400 IPS. It also offers a wide range of adjustable DPI settings that can be tweaked to best suit your gaming needs, as well as 1ms response time for lag-free gameplay.


Battery Life = 40 hours (G Pro Wireless) or 100 hours (Razer Basilisk Ultimate)

The G Pro Wireless has an impressive rechargeable battery life of up to 40 hours, while the Razer Basilisk Ultimate offers an even greater battery life of up to 100 hours. This makes them both ideal choices for gamers who enjoy long gaming sessions without having to worry about recharging their mouse in between!

Build Quality 

Logitech G Pro mouse boasts an impressive build-quality, with its all plastic construction providing a dense and sturdy feel. Every detail has been carefully considered such as the smooth gliding feet and customizability of side buttons – allowing gamers to switch them between left or right depending on their preference. The only minor downside is slight rattling noise when you shake it; however this does not worsen performance in any way!


  • Lowest Weight = 77.6 g
  • Default Weight  = 80.1 g
  • Weight Distribution =  Back-heavy
  • Extra Weights =  No

The Logitech G Pro Wireless easily stands out as a lightweight addition to your gaming set-up. Although it’s not quite the lightest mouse reviewed, its receiver storage plate can be removed for an even lighter feel in hand – perfect for those who prioritize agility and speed when gaming!

Comfort Of Use 

  • Left-Handed Friendly = Yes
  • Ambidextrous  = Shape Only
  • Coating =  Matte
  • Finger Rest  = No

The Logitech G Pro Wireless is perfect for adapting to your gaming environment. Its ambidextrous design allows the side buttons to be used by both left and right-handed users, making it great for all kinds of players regardless of their grip type! The mouse fits comfortably in a range of hand sizes so you’ll never have an issue finding the ideal fit.

Are you looking for something to take your gaming experience up a notch? The Xenics Titan GX AIR Wireless is an ambidextrous model with solid plastic and convenient swappable palm rests. Or, if a right-hand design fits your style better, then the Razer Basilisk Ultimate may be more suitable. Those after improved grip can consider the MSI CLUTCH GM41 LIGHTWEIGHT WIRELESS – it has textured rubber side grips that offer superior comfort while playing!

Wireless Versatility

  • Maximum Of Paired Devices = 1
  • Bluetooth = No
  • Receiver = Yes
  • Battery Type = Rechargeable
  • Use When Charging  = Yes
  • On/Off Activation = Auto Off And On/Off Switch
  • Receiver Extender = Yes
  • Battery Indicator = Yes

Logitech G Pro users can enjoy the convenience of wireless gaming with a USB receiver that’s easily connected to an adapter and cable, giving it extra-close range for better performance. When not in use, its auto-off timer will kick into gear after five minutes to preserve battery life while ensuring you’re ready on command!


  • Connectivity = Wireless
  • Cable Length = 6.1 ft (1.9 m)
  • Cable Type = Rubber
  • Permanent Kink = No
  • Port Type: Mouse End = Micro USB
  • Port Type: PC End = USB

The Logitech G Pro Wireless offers great convenience with its included cable that not only securely holds the mouse in place, but it can also be used as a range extender to ensure a comfortable distance between your device and receiver. Its stiff rubber grip ensures stability while providing minimal desk drag.

Mouse Feet 

  • Gliding Experience = Good
  • Material = PTFE
  • Extra Included = No

The Logitech G Pro provides a top-notch gliding experience courtesy of its efficient, albeit thin feet. If you prefer your mouse to move with utmost smoothness on thicker surfaces despite the potential for some scratching noises, then this model is sure to delight! And if that isn’t enough? You may customize it further by choosing from an array of third party options suited perfectly to your needs.

Hand Size Recommendation

Palm Grip

  • Small Hand  = Yes
  • Medium Hand  = Yes
  • Large Hand  = Yes
  • X.Large Hand =  Yes

The Logitech G Pro Wireless is ergonomically designed to provide precision control and maximum comfort for all hand sizes – from small to extra large! Whether you’ve got a palm grip or something else, everyone can benefit from the finesse of this mouse.

Claw Grip

  • Small Hand = Yes
  • Medium Hand = Yes
  • Large Hand  = Yes
  • X.Large Hand  = Yes

The Logitech G Pro Wireless is the ideal mouse for gamers of all hand sizes! Its sleek design and adjustable buttons ensure that controlling your movements will be a breeze no matter how you hold it. Keep on gaming with confidence, whatever size claw grip you use!

Fingertip Grip

  • Small Hand = No
  • Medium Hand = Yes
  • Large Hand = Yes
  • X.Large Hand = Yes

Logitech G Pro Wireless is a great fit for most people with its fingertip grip, however, those with smaller hands may need to alter their gripping style or consider other ergonomic options. For medium and larger hands though, you can look forward to this mouse providing an effortless experience that won’t leave you straining your digits!

In The Box 

  • Logitech G Pro Wireless mouse
  • Charging cable
  • USB receiver and extender
  • Extra side buttons
  • Manuals


Additional Buttons

  • Total Number Of Buttons =  8
  • Number Of Side Buttons = 4
  • Number Of Programmable Inputs = 15
  • Profile Switching Button = Yes
  • Gesture Support  = No

Unlock an array of gaming capabilities with up to four fully intuitive programmable side buttons. Switch between profiles quickly by programming the profile switch and customize sensitivity on-the-fly using a CPI changing button. Plus, take advantage of a G-Shift second layer for additional inputs – all while utilizing eye catching flush mounted extra side buttons that are conveniently tucked away along the body!

Click Latency

  • Expected Connection = 6.9 ms
  • Wired = 3.8 ms
  • Receiver = 6.9 ms
  • Bluetooth = N/A

The Logitech G Pro Wireless is guaranteed to give you the fast-paced gaming experience of your dreams! Its click latency ensures blazingly responsive actions in game, and with a maximum variation of just milliseconds over a receiver connection, it will provide an ultra smooth performance. Overall, the Logitech G Pro Wireless is an excellent choice for gamers of all levels. With its easy installation and great features like adjustable buttons to suit your grip style, a long-lasting battery life, and ultra low click latency, you’ll be ready to take on any challenge that comes your way! So what are you waiting for?


  • SRAV @ 1600 CPI = 0.00%
  • SRAV @ 800 CPI = 0.00%
  • SRAV @ 400 CPI = 0.17%
  • SRAV @ Fixed CPI = N/A
  • Precision Error Between Speeds = 0.37%
  • Precision Error Between CPI = 0.36%
  • Worst Tracking Error = 1.25%
  • Minimum CPI = 100 CPI
  • Maximum CPI = 25,600 CPI
  • CPI Adjustment Steps = 50 CPI

SRAV boasts an impressive level of precision and accuracy, with a minimum CPI setting of 100 and maximum setting of 25,600. The tracking error was no more than 1.25%, while the precision difference between speeds and CPI settings became evident when tested at 1600CPI (0%), 800CPI (0%) 400CPI( 0.17%) CPIs respectively- revealing a variance in results so small it can be considered negligible; only .36%. SRAV also allows users to adjust their mouse resolution by 50 CPI increments for even further customization possibilities!

Sensor Latency

  • Delay To Start Of Movement = 12.5 ms
  • Delay At Half Movement = 3.6 ms
  • Delay To End Of Movement = 5.2 ms

Taking 12.5 milliseconds from a standing start, it won’t take long for your movements to reach half-way in an incredibly swift 3.6ms! Then with just another 5.2 ms you’ll be finished and ready to move on again – so fast that the average eye wouldn’t even notice!

Sensor Specifications 

  • Sensor Technology = Optical (LED)
  • Sensor Model = HERO 25K
  • Works On Glass = No
  • Minimum Lift Off Distance = 1.2 mm
  • Maximum Polling Rate = 1000 Hz

The Logitech G Pro Wireless has been designed with precision and accuracy in mind. It features a wide CPI range that can be tailored to your needs, allowing custom control over how fine-tuned the cursor movements will be. The mouse also supports very high polling rates for smooth movement even when moving at speed – perfect for gamers looking to have an edge on their opponents!

Mouse Wheel 

  • Scroll Wheel = Notched Wheel
  • Scroll Wheel Steps = 24 Steps
  • Scroll Wheel Tilt = No
  • Thumb Wheel = No
  • Thumb Wheel Steps = No Thumb Wheel

The mouse wheel has been a mainstay of computer accessories for decades. The scroll increments provide an intuitive feel to the scrolling, however users are unable to unlock this device and enjoy infinite-scroll functionality like other Logitech mice including the MX Master 2S or G903 HERO.


Click Noise = Loud

The Logitech G Pro Wireless is a powerful gaming mouse; however, its volume won’t break the peace in most situations. It’s ideal for an immersive experience without disturbing those around you!


Logitech g pro wireless software

Compatible Software 

  • Software Name = Logitech G Hub
  • Software Windows Compatibility = Yes
  • Software macOS Compatibility = Yes
  • Account Needed = No
  • On-Board Memory = Yes
  • CPI (DPI) Adjustment = Yes
  • Polling Rate Adjustment = Yes
  • Profile Configuration = Yes
  • RGB On/Off = Yes

With the Logitech G HUB software, your gaming experience will never be the same again. Enjoy customizing its lighting, performance and buttons to elevate your setup. You can even use a secondary set of controls with just one press on it’s specialised ‘G-Shift’ button! Plus, you don’t need to worry about losing those settings – opted in onboard memory allows them follow you over multiple computers too! Though no problems were experienced during testing time, there have been claims online that some users are facing difficulty when trying out this software such as startup issues or freezing up; if these became an issue for you why not share how it went by leaving comments?

Mouse Compatibility 

  • Windows Compatibility = Fully
  • macOS Compatibility = Fully

Logitech G Pro Wireless offers impressive versatility – gamers can easily customize their mouse to suit any type of system, whether they’re running Windows or macOS. With full software compatibility and a host of remarkable features, this is the ideal choice for all your gaming needs!


Retailers’ pricesAmazon.comBestBuy.comBlack  G Pro WirelessSEE PRICESEE PRICEBlue – League of Legends  G Pro WirelessSEE PRICESEE PRICEShroud Edition  G Pro WirelessSEE PRICESEARCH

Things to Consider Before Buying Logitech G Pro Wireless Mous


The G Pro Wireless is one of Logitech’s most iconic designs, and its sleek shape makes it an attractive choice for your gaming setup.

Sensor type

Optical (LED) – this mouse is perfect for gamers that need lightning-fast responses from their peripherals.

Polling rate & DPI adjustment

The polling rate can go up to 1000 Hz with the option of adjusting it further depending on your needs. The adjustable DPI range allows you to scale the sensitivity accordingly.


The G Pro Wireless offers compatibility with both Windows and macOS operating systems, giving you the flexibility to use whichever system you prefer!

Software support

Logitech G HUB software provides users with the ability to customize their mouse settings, with onboard memory allowing user settings to follow them over multiple computers.


Prices for the G Pro Wireless range from around $90-$120 USD depending on the retailer, making it an affordable and reliable choice.


What type of sensor does the Logitech G Pro Wireless mouse have?

The G Pro Wireless has an optical (LED) sensor.

Does the Logitech G Pro Wireless come with software support?

Yes, it comes with Logitech G HUB software for customizing the mouse settings.

Does the Logitech G Pro Wireless work with both Windows and macOS operating systems?

Yes, it is fully compatible with both Windows and macOS operating systems.

What is the price range of the Logitech G Pro Wireless?

The prices for the G Pro Wireless range from around $90-$120 USD depending on which retailer you purchase from.

Is there an onboard memory for saving user settings on the Logitech G Pro Wireless?

Yes, it has onboard memory so you can save your settings and have them follow you over multiple computers.

Is the Logitech G Pro Wireless still worth it?

Despite some reported issues with the Logitech G Hub software, the Logitech G Pro Wireless is still a very good gaming mouse. It offers a great design, a wide range of customizable options, and full compatibility with both Windows and macOS operating systems. The price range is also very affordable, making it a great choice for any gamer on a budget.

Which mouse is better than G Pro Wireless?

The G502 Proteus Spectrum is a great alternative to the G Pro Wireless, offering similar features in a slightly different design. It also has onboard memory for user settings and full software compatibility with Windows and macOS. Prices range from around $60-$70 USD.

Is Logitech G Pro Wireless worth it 2022?

Yes, the Logitech G Pro Wireless is still a very good gaming mouse. It offers a great design, a wide range of customizable options, and full compatibility with both Windows and macOS operating systems. The price range is also very affordable, making it a great choice for any gamer on a budget.

Is the Logitech G Pro Wireless good for gaming?

The Logitech G Pro Wireless is a great gaming mouse, offering a wide range of customizable options, full software compatibility with Windows and macOS operating systems, and an affordable price tag.

How do I update my Logitech G Pro Wireless?

To update your Logitech G Pro Wireless, you will need to download and install the latest version of the Logitech Gaming Software. You can find this software on the Logitech website. Once you have installed the software, open it and connect your mouse to your computer. The software should automatically detect your mouse and update it accordingly.

Overall Assessment

The Logitech G Pro Wireless is an excellent choice for gamers looking for a reliable, customizable mouse. It has a sleek design, an optical (LED) sensor, adjustable DPI and polling rate settings, full software support, onboard memory for saving user settings, and a price range of around $90-$120 USD. With its impressive features and compatibility with both Windows and macOS operating systems, the G Pro Wireless is sure to meet all your gaming needs!

Overall, the Logitech G Pro Wireless is a great option for gamers looking for an attractive and powerful gaming mouse. With its adjustable DPI settings, impressive polling rate and compatibility with both Windows and macOS operating systems, it’s hard to pass up! Whether you prefer a more traditional wired mouse or are looking for something wireless, this one definitely packs a punch. So if you’re in the market for a new gaming mouse that won’t break the bank – look no further! The Logitech G Pro Wireless is a perfect choice.

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