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Local elections begin in Jordan

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The polling stations opened their doors for Jordanians to hold elections in which they elected their representatives in the municipal and governance councils and in the Amman Municipality.

Voting began at the polling stations, which numbered 1,850, including 6,937 boxes, at seven in the morning (0500 GMT), to be closed at seven in the afternoon.

The spokesman of the Independent Electoral Commission, Muhammad Al-Rawashdeh, said in remarks broadcast by the official Al-Mamlaka television after the opening of the polling stations that the turnout is “a good omen”, expressing his hope that “the rates of participation are convincing”.

About 4.6 million registered voters are eligible to vote, including 2.4 million women, according to the Independent Electoral Commission website.

4,646 candidates compete in these elections, of which 845 are women.

The Kingdom is divided into 158 constituencies for the councils of 12 governorates and 409 constituencies affiliated with 100 municipal councils, while Amman Municipality includes 22 constituencies.

The Public Security Directorate announced that 55,000 security personnel are working to protect the electoral process.

140 international observers and 5,000 local observers will monitor the elections, while the government declared Tuesday an official holiday so that citizens can vote.

The government dissolved the local councils in March 2021, after completing their four-year legal term in preparation for the ongoing elections.

These councils are service councils with no legislative or political control function, and the last local elections were held in August 2017.

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