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Lluís Gavaldà: “I love that godparents and children recognize me”

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Lluís Gavaldà s’apropa amb la resta d’Els Pets as seixanta y sembla travessar the Millor moment of Seva artistic and personal life. El seu darrer treball, 1963, is one of the mills of the trio, i viure a Anglaterra li has created a personal, familiar and artistic balance that does not avoid its neguits, doubts and fragility. Però is coneix i tea les seves medicines.

ASK. Vostè is a triumph, but Patint continues.

REPLY. Objective les cos em van bé, però compta com t’ho prens, el fet subjectiu. Soc neuròtic i patador de mena, em ve de la meva mare, que ho és cara més. It has a natural tendency to think it’s taking too long to finish, but not Antonio Vega.

Disciple: And near, familiar, what guanya, the patir or the riure?

R. Soc just whenever you make it clear that you are an unsuspecting person molt sovint al seu món. Familiar I have a sense of humor, I like the catxondeo, I have a childish point, always xinxant. The Meva Dona, Gironina, is not for fun and ens equilibrem. El meu fill i jo som molt semblants en aquest sentit.

P. I dins del grup, it seems that Falin is also balancing.

R. It’s the key to the longevity of the group. People think Els Pets is Joan i jo i un paio al costat. Falin connects the characters of both of them, it’s all about that. It’s a prop. Em diu que soc an “anxiety-relieving”.

Q. Home with some background music?

R. Soc pragmatic. I have a turntable for all the vinyls, a laptop with Spotify and lots of speakers. Per casa vaig a tot arreu amb l’computer, he laughs at me, I carry the music over, I think it’s a waste of time not to feel the music. I know Spotify isn’t cool, but for someone who’s been here for hours to download a song from Napster, Spotify is a Meravella, tot i que de vegades empatxa.

Q. I asked for advice on seva music at home?

R. The meva dona, la Núria, amb que porto, more than thirty years of relationship, is the artistic and personal advisor of the meva, who trusts her criteria completely, is a child prodigy of common sense and clairvoyance. I always showed the new songs. Em fa plays from peus to terra.

I will not accept fer de jutge a ‘Eufòria’, I don’t feel amb criteria per jutjar and I don’t like this type of programs

P. I com modulates seva additional musical activity. Aren’t you in danger of becoming a mundane celebrity?

A. Anem amb molta cura. The offers from vegades are called up, but at times the majority reject them. Només vull fer coses on estigui chest of drawers. For example I will not accept being judged by Eufòria, I do not feel both criteria to judge who starts and both respectful, I do not like these types of programs. Ara només give a weekly article to the press (Ara) and a broadcast to the radio (El Cel Obert, iCAt).

P. A les seves lletres does not show the typical male personality, dominating and growing. Do you accept the second female role?

A. Well Mateix it’s difficult to define masculinity and femininity, I don’t know what to say, all I like is this perception about me. I will say no Soc Gens Rockero, Soc Popero. Rock is attitude, presence, testosterone, it’s viure al límit. Pop is more androgynous, what you explain matters. Pop is eclecticism, not monolithism.

P. S’ha drug Gaire?

R. I did not turn to Massa Amb Drug, Tinc a Xassis of l’Opus Dei, which saved me; semper little thing, qualsevol extra em deixava in a pitiful state. Also, I like controlling the situation, but I don’t like the sea, the planes or the drugs: I’ll touch the ground again.

P. What about the emergence of artists like Rosalía, C. Tangana or Sen Senra?

R. Sen Senra em té amorat, “I don’t need you anymore”, is taken from the millions of pop songs by darrers aged 10-20. I also see pop in C. Tangana’s Darrer disc, although the formula to dress her is urban. Rosalía’s first album will fascinate me, Darrer’s not so much, I don’t play trap or reggaeton. As an admirable trobo artist, trench coat stereotypes and risca, fa popular music that sounds current. La vam anar a veure a London and it was incredible to see the Anglesos sing “Malamente”. Olé els seus nassos.

Question: Fa all those who saw Saint Albans at the London base. There veu there més temps to molt?

R. The Nostre Fill (Gairebé 17 years old) will be there l’espurna d’anar a viure. I with more temps passa believe more that li va bé viure is anglaterra. I kept in touch with Catalonia and we also kept the Seves Arrels. Llavors, now Mateix, the moment of his return depends on him. I grew up with ens Remains Temps.

Q. How is Catalonia seen from everywhere?

R. Since lluny, the theatrical component of politics is the greatest: post-convergent neo-irredemptism with an endavant fugitive, the lack of will of the Spanish state to encaixar Catalonia to its Seu project without garrotads and an Esquerra that sees a cap others sang i xiula. Above all, I care about the survival of the Catalan language, and this incurable Malalt can only survive as an independent country that prioritizes the use of a language on the verge of folklorization. If we change the political situation, we must give Darrere a clear majority, and although I will not go on with that, we are doomed to understand. Veig comedy and a political class – Catalan and Spanish – of low level, no leaders of stature.

Q. How does the UK view Brexit?

R. L’anglès és pàctic: Brexit will win for a bit, it might not skin ho volen but let’s look at Cap endavant i volen, a government that rules day by day.

Q. How did you feel under the Creu de Sant Jordi?

R. I will say that we are like part of the landscape. I think it’s great that the godparents and the little girls get together. I feel like a cosí or tiet llunyà.

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