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Liveblog: ++ Union calls for summit on energy crisis ++

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live blog

Status: 07/26/2022 05:10

Faced with the tense situation in the energy sector, the Union is pushing for a crisis summit at the Chancellery. EU energy ministers hold a special meeting in Brussels. Developments in the live blog.


EU countries are preparing for a gas crisis

Energy ministers from EU countries will meet on Tuesday (9.30 am) for a special meeting in Brussels. The focus is on a possible shutdown of gas supplies from Russia.

According to information from the dpa news agency, the representatives of the EU countries had previously agreed on an emergency plan to reduce gas consumption. The contingency plan is expected to be officially confirmed at the meeting and will reduce the risks that could arise from a complete disruption of Russian gas supply.


Austria: on track to reach our storage target

Austria sees itself on track to meet its gas storage target by the start of the winter heating season. “We are on track to meet our storage target,” Energy Minister Leonore Gewessler told ORF when asked about meeting the 80% target.

The Baltic Sea pipeline Nord Stream 1 is not Austria’s central supply route. Even with the complete dismantling of Nord Stream 1, natural gas could still be stored because non-Russian gas increasingly comes to Austria and because Russian gas is supplied via Ukraine. A first OMV storage facility has already achieved the 80% target.


Union calls for crisis summit at Chancellor

Faced with the tense situation in the energy sector, the Union is pushing for a crisis summit at the Chancellery. “The situation is very serious. To avoid an energy emergency, everything must be done,” energy expert and CDU deputy Andreas Jung told the Rheinische Post newspaper. Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) and his two vice-chancellors should therefore invite themselves to a summit with the prime ministers and the municipal umbrella organizations.

“It was time.” In addition, there is a need to prescribe a coordinated energy conservation program for all federal government departments and implement it for all federal buildings across the country. “So far, the federal government’s energy conservation program has been a patchwork.”

Source www.tagesschau.de

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