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Literary Award for Comic Author: Jacques Tardi Honored with Einhard Prize – Comics – Culture

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French comic book author Jacques Tardi (75) received the 2021 Einhard Literature Prize on Saturday. Tardi received the award for his father’s three-volume biography “I, RenĂ© Tardi, prisoner of war in Stalag II B,” it was announced. the Einhard Foundation in Seligenstadt in southern Hesse.

The prize, which is awarded every two years and has an endowment of 10,000 euros, is named after Emperor Charlemagne’s adviser and biographer, Einhard (circa 770-840), who lived in Seligenstadt and founded a monastery there.

With Jacques Tardi, the foundation pays tribute to “a classic of French comics”, praised the board of directors. Tardi, born in Valence, became famous as an illustrator of bourgeois life and fantasy before and after 1900, as a historian cartoonist of the First World War and especially of the recent history of the French Republic.

The three-volume work that Tardi drew from his father’s memories, which was awarded the Einhard Prize, describes his experiences in German captivity during World War II and in its aftermath.

While the author inserts himself as a small child into the pictorial story, the curator says that the son supports the father, “like a hearsay witness who gets to see what he only knows from reports.” Tardi’s drawings made visible a world “of which there should be no pictures”. Here, history is something that happens to the individual, in his own body, determined by others.

The Einhard Foundation was established in 1998 by citizens of Seligenstadt to treasure Einhard’s memory. Every two years, the foundation awards the literary prize to an outstanding biography of a personality whose scientific, religious, political, artistic or economic life is closely connected with Europe.

Previous winners include author Margot Friedländer, publicist Joachim Fest, and historian Joachim Radkau. Most recently, in 2019, Parisian historian Emmanuelle Loyer was honored. (eps)

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