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Link between makeup and sexual attraction

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Not all women like to wear makeup and, really, it is not obligatory, even less in this time of equality and freedom.

However, the psychologist Elaine Garrod in his article for the magazine Cosmopolitan stipulate that “biologically, men are attracted to plump lips, flushed cheeks, even skin tone and eyes as big as coffee saucersfor these qualities are synonymous with health, youth and fertilityā€¯.

On the other hand, adds the expert, “when you are without makeup at all, men think that you don’t care about your appearance and that you are not interested in meeting someone”.

But we don’t just compensate others

Despite what has been expressed by the specialist, the ideal is that we make up while thinking of ourselves. It can certainly increase the confidence we have in ourselves.

Indeed, it has been proven that seeing yourself beautiful in front of the mirror increases the generation of happiness hormones and makes us feel better and more productive in the different roles we playwhether as a worker, mother, partner, daughter, among others.

Of course, this This makeup doesn’t have to be like a mask that covers your whole face and that you need an hour of your time to achieve it.

Just illuminate your face. If you have dark circles, it is necessary to use a liquid or stick concealer of a color very close to your skin. Then you can apply a loose powder that shades the face.

Using shadows is optional, however, light shadows on the eyelid They will enhance you, as well as a mascara that will enhance your lashes.

We can’t forget a bit of to blush on the cheeks and a soft paint or gloss for your lips.

Source metroecuador.com

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