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Link and method of registration on the platform of my educational school in Saudi Arabia

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The Madrasati platform is an electronic portal launched by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education to provide distance learning materials for students of all levels.

The distance education system was initiated by the Kingdom in light of the spread of the Corona pandemic, and aims to facilitate learning for kindergarten, primary, middle and high school students.

Registration link on my school platform 1443

It is possible to enter the Madrasati platform by linking the Microsoft account with the Tawakkalna account, which was established by the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority, from here.

How to register on my school platform 1443

First enter the link of the electronic educational platform of my school.

Choose the student login link.

Type the username.

Write down your password.

Click on the word sign in.

How to prepare lessons through my school platform 1443

Lessons can be prepared through the My School e-learning platform, through the following:

Click on the course program.

Choose a class from the academic schedule, in order to prepare a lesson for it.

Click the Lesson Settings link now.

Fill in the data for the lesson “Night of the lesson and type of lesson”.

Click the “Next” icon.

Complete lesson elements by defining objectives, digital content, and adding enrichment and assignments (homework, activities, or options).

How to calculate the percentage of students in my school platform 1443

There are steps that must be followed to see the percentage, which are:

Login to the platform link.

Sign in to the student account.

Clicking Calendar in the left menu and then clicking the schedule period notification event.

Click on the file in the attachments and see the percentage of the student based on availability.

Steps to Extract Pupil Level on Madrasati 1443 Platform

First you have to go to the platform link.

Choose to sign in to the student account with a Microsoft account.

Choose to enter your username and password.

By choosing the Student Reports button, then the results notification icon and the course material from which the student wants to extract the result.

Then the student or their tutor must enter the data and then select the “Get the result” button so that it appears and prints it.

The return of the study in presence in Saudi Arabia

On Sunday, public education students in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia attended all levels of government, private and foreign schools, special education and continuing education institutes and programs, heralding a serious start to continue their educational journey with a complete return during the third semester of the year 1443 d. H., amid the completion of equipment and preparations for schools in all regions and governorates of the Kingdom.

Male and female students continue the learning process in the third semester, with the cancellation of the operating models that were approved during the first and second semesters, in addition to the return of morning queues, physical exercise, extracurricular activities, school radio, the return of school canteens and the abolition of the distance between students, and that In light of the continued work to implement safety and security requirements, and the regular sterilization of school facilities and buses, in addition to the continued requirement to complete immunization of educational and administrative staff, employment and male and female students over the age of 12, according to the official Saudi News Agency.

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