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Lindner wants to relieve motorists with a discount on the price of fuel

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According to a newspaper report, in view of the increase in energy prices due to the war in Ukraine, Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) wants to significantly relieve drivers in Germany with a discount on fuel prices . Lindner wants to introduce a fixed price reduction “immediately” to push drivers’ costs to two euros per liter of fuel, the daily “Bild” (Monday’s edition) reported, citing government circles.

Specifically, drivers should receive the discount when paying at the gas station. The federal government must then reimburse fuel station operators for the amount of the discount. Lindner wanted to react to the record prices of gasoline and diesel, according to “Bild” from government circles. However, the specific amount of the discount has not yet been determined. It could possibly be 20 cents per litre, possibly even more.

A few days ago, Lindner was open to increasing the commuter allowance due to high energy prices. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has pushed up the price of crude oil, making gasoline, diesel and other fossil fuels significantly more expensive.


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