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Lindner for the deposit discount of 30 to 40 cents: “If it’s up to me, we will end up with less than two euros per liter” – Politics

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FDP leader Christian Lindner no longer seems to believe in the self-regulatory powers of the market. On Sunday evening, the Finance Minister released his plans for a tank discount through the “Bild” newspaper.

To offset the recent rapid rise in gasoline and diesel prices for motorists, the Liberal proposes that the state artificially lower the price at the gas station at a discount. Actually a pushback for liberals, but opinion swings have been on the rise since the start of the Ukraine war.

“Crisis discount fuels,” Lindner called the move Monday at a news conference. “The state should not leave citizens and the economy alone with rising prices,” said the finance minister, outlining his proposal. Gas stations would continue to display actual prices. At the checkout, customers would automatically receive a discount like discount card holders at the supermarket.

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The state will have to spend a fair amount of money on this. The ten-cent monthly allowance for diesel and gasoline costs €550 million in tax revenue, says Lindner. “It will have to be more than ten cents and more than a month if I get away with it.”

The measure is not intended for owners of electric or gasoline vehicles, whose prices have recently increased. “By the nature of things, this proposal only applies to those who are affected by the increase in the price of oil on the world market,” said Lindner, who continues to reject a speed limit to save fuel.

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On ZDF’s “heute journal” on Monday night, when asked what the chances were that he would finally get over this, the FDP leader said: “High.” Lindner went on to say: “We should be guided by the two euro mark, that should be the reference point at the beginning of this measure.”

Families, travelers and merchants should not be left alone with prices on the rise. “This is not the only relief measure we need, but it is important and urgent.”

A “fixed crisis discount” could be 30 or 40 cents, Lindner said. She spoke of a temporary measure. Lindner spoke to the “Rheinische Post” about a subsidy of 40 cents per liter for a limited period of three months. That would cost the state about 6.6 billion euros, Lindner said. The concrete design is still open in the government. “If it’s up to me, we will end up with the tank discount at less than two euros per liter of diesel and gasoline.”

Strong criticism of the plans comes from the Greens. Economy Minister Robert Habeck accepted the proposal publicly on Sunday night. “You can do a little better,” the green politician said on the ARD talk “Anne Will.” Habeck criticized that a discount on the tank does not lead to greater efficiency or a free market incentive to use less gasoline.

Greens promote energy money

His party is now promoting energy money that would be paid to all citizens. This means that everyone has more in their account, but the poorest would benefit the most, Greens leader Ricarda Lang said on Monday: “Energy money has both a broad impact and a targeted impact and therefore Therefore, it is a useful tool for relief”.

The Greens’ transport policy spokesman, Stefan Gelbhaar, also does not consider Lindner’s proposal socially fair. “Unfortunately, fuel vouchers would just be an expensive window dressing policy. In percentage terms, people with large vehicles would benefit the most,” the Berlin MP told the Tagesspiegel.

Rather, people should be encouraged to use less gasoline and, where possible, to switch to buses and trains. “To avoid increases in bus and train ticket prices, it should be checked whether the public transport rescue package is effective here,” the transport politician said.

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