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Lindner criticizes Heil citizens’ income plans

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Status: 07/22/2022 07:25

Citizens’ income is one of the central projects of the traffic light – but SPD Minister Heil’s plans are not welcomed by the FDP: they insist on sanctions if the people concerned do not show up for appointments, for example.

The FDP insists on maintaining sanctions for citizens’ money, the successor model to basic security, if the persons concerned do not show up for appointments, for example. “Citizens’ money should be an activation and not an unconditional basic income,” said FDP leader Lindner of the Funke media group, according to a preliminary report.

Lindner also opposes new calculation methods that increase basic security standard rates. “There is a tried and true method of adjusting standard rates to changing prices and wages. We have to stick with that,” he said. This will already lead to an increase.

“Solidarity is not a one-way street”

Instead, Lindner is relying on better supplemental income opportunities for benefit recipients. “By combining a citizen’s income and a job, recipients should have more money than they do today,” he said. “A simple increase in passive benefits would not be fair to those who work full time for low wages and receive no state benefits.” Lindner stressed that he was committed to improving the living situation of Citizens Allowance recipients compared to Hartz IV.

Lindner pointed out that many people do not understand “that they should not only support the needy with their taxes, but also those who intentionally miss appointments or reject offered education and work.” Solidarity should always include consideration of using society’s help only to the extent necessary.

His party colleague Jens Teutrin agrees. Solidarity is not a one-way street, said the deputy of the FDP parliamentary group in charge of citizens’ income to the dpa press agency. “As a last resort, sanctions are appropriate and necessary,” Teutrine added.

Critics also of the Union

The Union is also skeptical of the money plans of the citizens of Heil. CDU leader Friedrich Merz said on Thursday he was “very curious to see if there are any incentives to return to the labor market”. CDU Deputy Chairman Carsten Linnemann criticized in the “Bild-Zeitung”: “With this reform, we finally give up on Agenda 2010. It is impossible that almost two million jobs in Germany are vacant and that traffic light stops make it even less attractive by removing the principle of “support and challenge”.

Citizens’ income agreed in the coalition agreement

The introduction of the citizens’ income is agreed in the coalition agreement between the SPD, the Greens and the FDP and is one of the most important projects of the traffic light alliance, but the FDP repeatedly expresses considerable reserves on the plans.

Labor Minister Hubertus Heil on Wednesday presented his plans for structuring the citizen’s allowance, which is to replace Hartz IV next year. Among other things, Heil plans to increase the standard rates and apply the conditions less strictly than with Hartz IV. “I will introduce the bill this summer and there will be a significant increase in standard rates early next year,” the SPD politician said. “I am determined to change the way we calculate the standard rate. The current mechanism lags too far behind price developments.” According to Heil, the law is expected to come into effect on January 1.

Source www.tagesschau.de

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