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Lilli Hollunder’s sexy bikini photo has her husband René delirious


Celebrity looks of the day in the GALA ticker: Lilli Hollunder’s sexy bikini photo has hubby +++ Cathy Hummels daring for an optical fresh start +++ Petra Ecclestone marries in a gorgeous lace dress.

Exciting celebrity looks in the GALA ticker:

July 20, 2022

Lilli Hollunder: A sexy photo in a bikini makes her husband delirious

Lilli Hollunder, 36, is expecting her second child. On summer vacation in France, she proudly poses for her Instagram followers: in an orange bikini, with a gold chain and a casual baseball cap, she shows off her baby bump. A photo that is not only welcomed by their fans. In addition to enthusiastic followers, husband Rene Adler, 37, also left a comment below the post. And he really makes the internet laugh. Underneath the sexy photo, he writes: Now on only Fans?“, and strikes exactly the humor of their fans, who celebrate him for the commentary.

July 19, 2022

Cathy Hummels looks completely different

Is it really CAthy Hummels, 34? The influencer is barely visible in the latest recordings she posts on her Instagram channel. The portraits show her face in close-up and you really have to look very closely to see her for what she is. But what exactly is different? Most noticeable change: freckles. But these alone cannot make the whole face appear changed. In legend, the mother of a son speaks very clearly about her change: “I’m making a new start. Mental, physical and visual. Cathy 2.0. Or have I been in the sun for too long”, she wrote.

With the wife of Mats Hummels, 34, all signs point to a fresh start. And it shows ! Much more prominent eyebrows adorn her face and her lips appear fuller. The effect is enhanced by shine. In the comments on both photos, Cathy receives a lot of praise and admiration. Many followers write their enthusiasm on their chest and compliment the popularity of television. Only Cathy herself knows what lies behind her cryptic words.

July 18, 2022

Petra Ecclestone says “yes” in the dream dress

Petra Ecclestone, 33, is getting married for the second time. In 2017, her first marriage ended after six years. On July 16, 2022, the model married her fiancé, Sam Palmer, 36, in London. Now, the newly married couple have given a preview of the wedding. The two share photos from the event, friends and family via Instagram.

The wedding took place in a mansion in London. In keeping with the glamorous occasion, Petra Ecclestone appears extravagantly in a lace gown. The bodycon dress flatters the model’s body and shows just the right amount of skin. The floral pattern creates a fairytale effect. Her shiny tiara completes her pompous entrance and makes her look like a real princess.

The daughter of Formula 1 legend Bernie Eccelstone, 91, and her husband appear to be enjoying the unforgettable day and celebrating their undying love.

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