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Like ‘The Little Mermaid,’ Here’s How Mía Khalifa Compared Karol G for Her New Look

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Carol G. She is one of the most recognized Colombian artists in the world due to the success she has had since her album ‘Ocean’ until today, which has even caused total sales in many of her concerts, especially in Colombia.

Besides his music, the insect He also had a hair color which became popular among his fans and that was blue; even during his concerts, wigs of this color were sold, which the spectators bought to look a bit like their favorite artist.

It took more than two years to see the singer with that iconic blue hair and via her social networks, Karol announced that she was going to change her hair color: “I want to tell you that I decided it was time to change my blue hair, which you loved as much as me. We tell the to see again in style, with tears, of everything that happened, of a time that I will never forget, of people I loved very much, of so much pain, of so much immaturity, of so much evolution, incredible successes, to reconnect with myself.

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The post didn’t end there, but continued with what some of her fans considered her ex-partner Anuel AA a puja: “We said goodbye to people I loved but didn’t do me no goodto drink 200 glasses with my friends until I feel free like in Provence”.

Karol G now presents his new hair color to the publicthe singer from Antioquia posted a video on her Instagram account showing her new look: “2 weeks in love with seeing me like this in the mirror and without being able to show them… So that when they see me in the street they say- me: “E Ave Maria Baby LIKE THIS RED HAIR LOOKS LIKE CHIMBA”.

It’s like that, the ‘bichota’ will now show her hair with a red one intense which has earned a lot of praise from his fans: “It looks spectacular on you”, “cherry bomb”, “royal”, “in red and I with this craving”, 2 love it”, ” everything really suits you”, among other things.

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One of those who told her was the former porn actress Mia Khalifawho since she is in a relationship with the reggaeton singer Jhay Cortez, is very attracted by the Latin culture, in particular its music.

Already iconicwrote the woman, who received around 6,000 likes and comments between those who agree with her and those who discriminate against her because of her past.

The post already has over 11 million views, almost three million likes and almost 140,000 comments, the vast majority of which are positive for its new look.

In her post, Karol G also confirmed the speculation that had been said that before the post she posted saying goodbye to her blue hair, she had already dyed it and that is why she appeared in the tomorrowland wearing a cap and dressed in black, so as not to spoil the surprise.

When Karol G dyed her hair her signature blue?

In one of the last public appearances, the change was noticed. Karol G has a surprise in store for his followers, but everyone noticed this change in his presentation of Tomorrowland. The Colombian appeared dressed all in black, with a scarf and glasses on her head. Although it is not clear, it can be seen that it would be a dark hair color.

Because before her presentation at Tomorrowland, the Colombian was already hiding her physique from the cameras, so some specify that she has been hiding her hair change for several weeks, when will she show her new hair color on a new musical release.

Source metroecuador.com

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