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Lightyear is a box office flop and fans are blaming Pixar’s previous releases on Disney+

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After controversy around the world, “Light year” finally arrived in theaters, the film had managed to capture the hype of millions of fans everywhere, despite this, the numbers seem to say otherwise, as it was revealed that the film is a box office flop and won’t is not even close to achieving what was expected.

The issue of movie premieres has become very complex within the global film industry, post-pandemic many major studios have decided to release their tapes on streaming services very soon after they hit the panels. display or immediately, causing a great impact on the theatrical performances. .

Lightyear’s performance raises questions about streaming services

The film’s official opening weekend numbers surprised all pundits, who had estimated an opening at around $70 million, of which it only got 51. Which puts it among Pixar’s worst openings and it even came in second at the box office behind “Jurassic World: Dominion” in its second week.

Of course, given this abysmal difference, pundits and fans alike began to wonder what happened. Most fans concluded that audiences decided to stay home until the movie hits Disney+.

It is assumed that Pixar’s latest releases, “Soul”, “Luca” and “Red” ended up creating a predisposition among the public to watch the films at home, since they came exclusively for the streaming service, while that “Lightyear” is the studio’s first theatrical release since 2020.

Experts say Lightyear’s fault was its marketing

Some specialized media ended up coming to the same conclusion, namely that it was never made clear to the public what the film is about, which caused confusion. Being an existing character in another strip, the study had to clarify more details.

According to a CNN article, families must have had a hard time understanding that the film is about a separate universe that explores the character in his own fiction and not the toy itself, so that could have been another reason for failure.

Source metroecuador.com

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