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The Modern Grandpa Lifestyle Magazine is ideal for teaching publishing students how to design a new magazine. Correct: In the beginning there was the target group. There are quite a few grandparents in the country, and therefore people who are interested in how they can qualify at the theme complex “My grandchildren and I.”

You’ll learn that here in recurring sections. After all, grandparents are at an age where you can be a little conservative with a clear conscience. “Serenity” transmits a walk with the grandchildren to discover and explore “the wonders of the forest”. “Schön Wohnen” offers advice on the flowers of the season or how to get “nice and comfortable”. “Eat better”, of course, that is a template not only for Christmas baking.

“A fruit is still fine,” he says, for example, about the joy of chocolate fondue. The many craft tips go well with a real feel-good magazine for grandmas and grandpas. Advice on how to take “intelligent precautions” in all aspects fills the hours without grandchildren.

Reading should also be a feel-good experience, says co-founder Tess Buchele. Like co-publisher Nicola Kossack, the 41-year-old has been in the publishing business for a long time. She has a great-grandmother herself, she says on the phone, and Mom is a great-grandmother to her own children. She also lives in a multi-generational house, so there is no shortage of new ideas. “Older people still like to read haptically,” she knows.

“That’s why the print format is ideal.” They would also appreciate if it was easy to find your way around, hence the fixed sections. The font size is also adapted to the age group. Nobody has to take out the magnifying glass first.

According to pre-foundation research, there are about 21 million grandparents in the country. The magazine’s circulation, which comes out four times a year, is currently 25,000. That’s a good result compared to the 11,000 they started with at the end of 2019. But there is still room for improvement. At 4.90 euros, the price is calculated in such a way that it can also be paid from the pension. An annual subscription for 15.60 euros is also a good gift for Mother’s Day, says the publisher. After all, grandmothers are also mothers.

The two founders recruit some things from their own environment. Proven recipes, for example. “We don’t have our own test kitchen.” But you can still rely on the success of cookies that Grandma or Grandpa has been baking in their own environment for decades. Typically, senior magazines are pretty tough and deal mostly with health, she noted.

“We only produce the cover stories ourselves”

Tess Buchele wants to inspire, she wants to give practical advice and tips, but she also wants to entertain. This explains the horoscope that grandparents are supposed to read with their grandchildren.

Yes, it has also experienced surprises when it comes to late mobility, for example. There is a report in each number: when grandma or grandpa take their grandchildren on a trip. The editor was particularly impressed by the nearly 90-year-old grandfather, who dreamed of taking another road trip across the United States. Together with the two grandchildren, the dream of the 9,000 kilometers has come true.

The grandmother, who gave her grandson a joint trip on the Trans-Siberian railway for graduation, also thought it was great. The travel photos are not specially produced, after all, everything should be quite authentic at the small publishing house, which is based near Munich.

“We just produce the cover stories ourselves,” she says. For example, under the title “Much to give”, it is about how grandparents shape the lives of their grandchildren through joint activities, experiences and closeness.

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There is hardly any competition right now. A magazine for grandparents is published in Switzerland, but it is aimed at a different and more exclusive target group. And for a short time there was also a magazine called “Oma”, but it focused more on heavy psychological topics and celebrity stories.

“Healthy living” is also a theme, but above all in the form of well-being: vitamin D, relaxation in the bath or when sweating. The fashion on display doesn’t come directly from the trendy Milanese catwalk, but instead showcases warm, padded jackets or soft knitted trousers. (www.meine-enkel.de)

The grandchildren’s generation also sets accents when it comes to setting themes. Tess Buchele briefly asked her son what she wanted for her birthday before her 6th birthday last year. She expected “a knight’s castle” or “a big Lego set” for an answer. But in the midst of the Corona crisis, the surprising answer came: “That I can hug Grandma again…” Even the youngest target group obviously values ​​feeling good.

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