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life for a dime

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There is still a kiosk that comes daily and pays attention to customers who like to receive the news on paper because they are convinced that they have printed it, necessarily assume they are true, fins and everything in so heavy Matters to be judged and classified with the separation of Piqué and Shakira. Some editors had important questions about who had to deal with the couple’s separation agreement, especially at a time when newspapers include such general sections as Vida i Arts, Tendències, Estil or Gent. “Jo ho would pose on the cover,” the kiosk replied so calmly that he’d been looking for the newspaper in Barcelona lately.

There are days when I will change kiosk due to an incident, which turns out to be a predictable point as the owner changes from seller every two to three times and in most cases is more used to serving coffee and infusions to the youngsters coming and going from one person to another, bicycle visiting an anonymous audience looking for a newspaper not reserving tea, res d’estrany de totes maneres in a kiosco café. One of the last buyers who will know will arrive with the foreign language, will get a newspaper, will take the card and surprise the one who will address the seller: “Cobra’m, he had the badly parked cot and no surprises full !“. Not even suns will be lost and it will disappear towards Carrer Balmes.

On that day I will understand how business was going and I will finally prompt with patience, on a day waiting for the next turn, who had the kiosk to leave a monologue while I was preparing a tea: “I don’t explain with hi ha people who keep buying the newspaper; they rent the Cervell”. I can’t stand it and, with the customer’s consent, I look for another kiosk and pick up the copies ordered from a company in Gràcia. The coffee kiosks arrange with regular buyers to pick up the newspapers, which makes sense dir gaire res to the seller, who usually becomes a Barcelona bartender.

It will also not be easy for me to debut at the new kiosk – which I will hide after checking that the beguden does not appear in the second offer – because a lady will try to pay for the two daily withdrawals using both currencies and will not stop paying cent fins adding 3.20 euros. “Life ens aniria millor si valoréssim els centims”, davant will excuse the best surprise and it is that a server duu an oval rubber case – silicone – is given to me by my dear Amic Oriol Puigdemont. We will not get along, we come from people and fill d’farmers with us after admitting that my disappointments have varied since I can serve the credit card for anyone who buys also for the t-casual: 11, 35 cents.

The survival of the molting has become a matter of cents, and it is particularly the molting among the farmers who have seen both the manifestations of the price of cow’s milk and the prisoners, the protagonists of the film Alcarras. Fifteen cents is the import that unites the pair and the filling in the seva vindicació abans d’haver d’abandon the seva terra due to the threat of the crane working over the solar panels to Segrià. Hello, there are peasants who also fight against the windmills that go to Lleida and Tarragona. The balance is as difficult as it is sterile, it turns out that both plagues are fought with which Alcarràs is visualized.

The film in a great sembla because it realistically explains the life of a family of pagès: els avis who run the estate with an oral contract that always depends on the will of the masters, as if you were making a concession for the Grace de Déu –”sort en vàrem tenir aleshores dels senyors”, s’excusen els masovers–; the couples for whom the rules of the game change day by day and the resistance of the quali is an emotional and physical drama that sometimes sounds like xantatge because they hurt and hurt with their offspring – yes, but no –; and the Fills Mateixos, knowing the story’s end point, to obedient Vegades i d’Altres Indomitables, només compresos por la Dolors.

Les mares de pagès is distracted by Fills, Marites, birds and also by Teutons and Cunyats, Finns and all deserters; treballen, help and shut up; and the seven buffets sound like heavenly music Alcarras. Carla Simón’s film is seen and felt because the language is precise – impossible to overcome the expression “la scoundrel de Déu”. Hello, who complains that potser is slow, as if life in the field is fast and you make d’anar compassada to the rhythm of the predatory consumer, those who have less pressecs to generate sense of December to respect the seasons the Temps, equally satisfied both the fruits of Lleida and those of Turkey.

The products of the vicinity require many hours, as well as the daily arrivals at the kiosks. I don’t think it would be more relaxing than looking for the newspaper and dealing with the peasants who refuse subsidized or senselessly because it is difficult for the gra to come at the time, so deliberately and now so often –er insists– to the diaris , also to Lluçanès. Gairebé has no more ATMs in many cities, most of their banks have been closed and the card is not a guarantee of purchase, so it is imposed on the wallet when you pay the comptat, cent by cent, like this lady the kiosk of Barcelona .

Tot i ja entenc that it is neither a solution nor so sols a curt termini, share the cents and more those that do not accompany the euro, but that it is worth per si sols –res d’arrodonir– m’ha servit per saber, how much is it worth a day, how much do they pay a liter of cow’s milk, the price their préssecs els peasants d’Alcarràs ask, and also discover that if some police officers want to help, the almoina ask and put yourself in a bad way if you pay both a few cents and not in euros.

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