Jul 20, 2022 @ 9:41am

Lidl sells a fitness tracker in its online store for just 20 euros. Is the gadget any good? We take a closer look at the offer.

The Silvercrest activity tracker is available from Lidl for 19.99 euros. (Source: SILVERCREST)

At Lidl, the online store offers a wide range of product offers of all kinds. In the area of ​​technology, you will find, among other things, a fitness tracker from our own brand Silvercrest.

Note: Lidl writes that only a few copies are available due to high demand.

Silvercrest Activity Monitor

SILVERCREST Activity Tracker


at lidl


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  • Multisport modes for e.g. walking, running, cycling or hiking

  • To record steps, calories burned, etc.

  • With notification function

The Silvercrest Activity Tracker costs 19.99 euros. As the device is sold exclusively by Lidl, there is no comparable price.

Trading tip:

You can find similar offers in our buying guides for activity bracelets and Lidl.

The sporty gadget is available in pink and black for just under 20 euros. The small device can record steps, calculate calories burned, monitor sleep and master training modes for different sports such as cycling, running, hiking and more.

The fitness tracker is protected against dust and water according to IP67, the battery life is up to four days. The device can be used with Android and iPhone. In conjunction with the mobile phone, you can also be notified of incoming calls and messages.

Compared to more expensive devices, you have to do without some low-cost functions. Heart rate sensors, electrocardiogram, blood oxygen measurement, fall detection are missing. Who is the device suitable for? The Silvercrest tracker is particularly suitable for newcomers who want to try a fitness tracker.

You can thus have an overview of your sports activities, but also test whether such a device can motivate you to exercise more.

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