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LIDE Biotech participates in VERIF.i®, Scientist.com’s supplier pre-screening program, to support its continued growth in North America and the EU.

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VERIF.i® enables standardized, independent, on-site laboratory inspections to review facilities, personnel, and operations at regulated research service providers

SAN DIEGO, March 24, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Scientist.com, the leading research and development marketplace for the pharmaceutical industry, today announced that VERIF.i®, the company’s supplier pre-assessment program, was used to successfully complete an on-site assessment of the LIDE Biotech facility in Shanghai, China. VERIF.i was developed to help users on both sides of the Scientist.com market improve quality standards and reduce indirect costs.

LIDE (Laboratory of Innovated Diagnostics and Experimental Therapeutics) Biotech is a translational medicine service provider that has been innovating research in translational oncology and immuno-oncology for the past 11 years. LIDE was founded by Drs. Danyi Wen, Yizhun Zhu, and others, who returned from abroad, with the goal of bringing together world-class research and management teams with modern scientific backgrounds to push the frontiers of translational medical research. LIDE is committed to the highest quality of research; In 2015, the company worked with several major pharmaceutical and biotech companies to create a PDX Consortium Board, with the goal of promoting and ensuring high PDX standards in China.

“At LIDE, we adhere to the highest industry standards by ensuring the superior quality of our facilities and the world-class scientists who operate them,” said Dr. Danyi Wen, President and CEO of LIDE Biotech. “Along with other industry certifications, VERIF. i to demonstrate our commitment to high quality throughout the industry in North America and Europe, as well as in the Scientist.com marketplace.”

VERIF.i enables regulated research service providers to actively set their standards against predefined criteria developed for the biopharmaceutical industry and then have them verified by independent third-party auditors during an on-site inspection. Pre-screening helps providers like LIDE Biotech demonstrate quality and capability, while enabling pharmaceutical and biotech customers to purchase regulated services faster, more reliably, and with less risk.

“Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, on-site laboratory evaluations were difficult to perform due to high cost, resource and time requirements,” said Matt McLoughlin, senior vice president of categories and compliance at Scientist.com. he addresses these challenges by creating a standardized process for both customers and suppliers, and enables suppliers like LIDE to differentiate themselves from their competitors by disclosing independent information about their facilities, staff and processes.”

VERIF.i is an extension of the award-winning COMPLi®Scientist.com solution. For more information visit https://www.scientist.com/verifi/

About LIDE Biotechnology

LIDE Biotech is dedicated to accelerating the progression from preclinical to clinical studies on behalf of our clients. We do this through our unique access to fresh patient samples received daily through our close partnerships with hospitals throughout China. Based on these relationships and in conjunction with our own proprietary kits, Tumor Specimen Kits, CRC Kits, MiniPDX Assay Kits, and K-Cell Kits, the LIDE platform offers our customers a competitive advantage to save time and effort. . Building on this success, LIDE has built a robust database of over 1,600 cell line models, CDXs, and PDXs that is constantly growing. Our CRO services can be tailored to specific needs depending on where you are in the preclinical oncology drug development process, including clinical biopsy collection, in vitro/in vivo studies, RNA and DNA transcription analysis, and skills in field of immuno-oncology. .

LIDE Biotech will be at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research in New Orleans from April 10-13. Visit us: First Floor DH Showroom, Booth #2057 (Ground Floor DH Showroom, Booth #2057).

See LIDE Biotech’s Director of Immuno-Oncology, Dr. Bin Xie, discussing current and novel methods for evaluating immuno-oncology drugs using human-translated mouse models.

Visit www.lidebiotech.com to learn more and follow updates on the LIDE Biotech LinkedIn page.

About Scientist.com

Scientist.com’s mission is to empower and connect scientists from around the world. By transforming the way scientific research is conducted, our platform accelerates science as a service® Discoveries that prevent and cure disease, tackle climate change, and help secure the world’s food and energy supply. We combine sophisticated artificial intelligence technology with the full support of Research Concierge®Allow scientists to carry out more innovative experiments in less time and at lower cost.

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