LG’s C2 OLED is setting the stage for an impressive viewing experience. This high-end TV offers incredible contrast ratio and deep, inky blacks with minimized blooming or haloing around bright objects that can often be distracting on other TVs. Additionally, LG has bolstered gaming features such as GeForce Now and Stadia game streaming while also introducing its first ever 42 inch panel size option to the popular ‘C’ lineup of OLED televisions — now better than ever before!

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Mixed Usage of LG C2 OLED TV

The LG C2 is an all-around powerhouse of a TV! Its self-emissive technology recreates dark rooms like cinemas, while its bright display dazzles in larger settings. Gamers will appreciate the selection of gaming features and reduced input lag offered on this model – not to mention precise picture quality that remains accurate no matter where one sits in the room.

  • Self-emissive technology for deep blacks, great contrast and vibrant colors
  • Bright display suitable for larger rooms
  • Gaming optimized features and reduced input lag
  • Accurate picture quality even from wide viewing angles
  • Limited customization options that may not suit everyone’s preferences
  • No built in voice assistants or Alexa support
  • No Dolby Vision support

LG C2 OLED TV for Movies 

With the LG C2, watching movies will be a truly immersive experience. Its OLED panel displays stunning contrast ratio and rich deep inky blacks that make it perfect for dark rooms with no haloing or blooming around bright objects. And if you watch older DVD content this TV’s upscaling capabilities are sure to please – smooth judder-free pictures every time! But do bear in mind there is some stutter when using its near instantaneous response time capability.

TV Shows on LG C2 OLED TV

The LG C2 OLED TV is a great choice for watching your favorite shows in bright spaces. It boasts impressive glare handling and reflection performance, plus an expansive viewing angle so the image stays accurate no matter where you’re seated or standing around it. The upscaling capabilities are excellent too – perfect if you’ve got some older content on hand! And with its integrated webOS smart interface loaded with streaming apps, finding what to watch has never been easier.

Sports on LG C2 OLED TV

LG C2 is the perfect sheen of clarity and brightness for sports fans, allowing a full view of fast-moving objects without blur. Its wide seating arrangement helps viewers to enjoy an accurate image from any angle while its reflection handling keeps glare at bay in bright rooms. Despite such impressive features, some uniformity issues should be noted: there may be slight pink tints on one side or front depending on content due to an aggressive brightness limiter.

LG C2 OLED TV for Video Games

With the LG C2, gamers can experience nothing but top-notch performance. Its lightning fast response time and ultra low input lag produce a thrilling gaming session that’s nearly without any blurring of swiftly moving objects – plus full compatibility with all features offered by next gen consoles like PS5 and Xbox Series X. All four HDMI ports are also fully licensed for 2.1 use so you’ll be ready to play whatever games or connect your PC on day one!

HDR Movies on LG C2 OLED TV

With its near-limitless contrast ratio and bright luminosity, the LG C2 provides a stunning HDR movie experience even in darker conditions. Rich blacks create vivid shadows that truly set off intense highlights; no distracting bloom is present around brightly lit objects either! The colors may not be as sharp or vibrant as pure whites but will still faithfully reflect what the filmmaker intended.

LG C2 OLED TV and HDR Gaming 

With the LG C2, gamers can enjoy an exceptional HDR experience. High peak brightness and a near-infinite contrast ratio bring out intense highlights in even dark scenes with no bloom or haloing for distraction. To top it off, this TV offers lightning-quick response time and low input lag to ensure that your movements on the screen are rendered instantly with minimal blur so you stay ahead of the competition at all times! Plus its HDMI 2.1 capabilities make synchronizing both consoles or PCs effortless — truly optimizing gaming performance like never before!

  • Incredible peak brightness and near-infinite contrast ratio which bring out intense highlights in even dark scenes
  • Lightning fast response time and low input lag to ensure your movements on screen are rendered instantly with minimal blur
  • HDMI 2.1 capabilities make synchronizing both consoles or PCs effortless, optimizing gaming performance like never before
  • Limited HDR support – only supports HDR10 and HLG formats, not Dolby Vision or HDR10+
  • May require additional hardware for certain games due to the TV’s lack of FreeSync or G-SYNC compatibility. So if you’re into gaming, it’s worth checking out what’s compatible with this TV model first.

LG C2 OLED TV as PC Monitor

The LG C2 makes a great monitor for PCs, thanks to its wide viewing angle and lightning-fast response times. Its low input lag ensures smooth control whether you’re gaming or using tools like word processing programs. However, there is one downside: some users have noticed that the screen has an annoying pink tint on part of it when viewed against light backgrounds.

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Differences Between Sizes And Variants

Experience the life-like visuals of LG C2 OLED TVs in a range sizes, available from 48 to 83 inches for your viewing pleasure. The model number may vary slightly depending on the retailer and location – with Costco carrying suffix “AUA” – but rest assured that performance remains consistent regardless.

LG C2 OLED TV Compared To Other TVs

The LG C2 offers an unparalleled picture experience – crafted with their latest and greatest OLED panel. Get ready for a brighter, more dynamic viewing adventure that still maintains the highest level of quality! If you’re searching for flawless visuals at unbeatable value, then this is your go-to pick.


Test Results


Style of LG C2 OLED TV

  • Curved = No

The LG C2 brings a vibrant and sophisticated style to your room. Its bezels are nearly invisible from afar, giving the screen an expansive feel framed by its stylish silver border.

Accelerated Longevity Test 

The LG C2 passed our accelerated longevity test, where it was subjected to 12 hours of continuous use at maximum brightness. The display stayed consistent without any signs of burn-in or image retention, proving that this OLED panel is designed to last!

Stand of LG C2 OLED TV

  • The footprint of the 65″ stand = 18.5″ x 9.1″

This 65″ TV stand boasts a slim profile, lifted 2 inches off the table for any soundbar. Unfortunately, its size won’t leave much wiggle room to fit larger components – which could block part of your screen if you’re not mindful! Take a closer look at this compact 18.5” x 9.1” design here and decide if it’s right for your setup.

Back of LG C2 OLED TV

The LG C1 OLED has a sleek and modern design. The brushed metal textured back of the display panel exudes sophistication, even if it’s rarely seen by viewers! Connections are hidden away under a plastic cover for added convenience – simply secure cables with the clips on the rear to keep everything organized.


  • Borders = 0.28″ (0.7 cm)

The slim bezels are nearly invisible from a distance, giving the display an expansive feel. However, there are 0.28” of black borders on each side – though they don’t detract much from your viewing experience.

Remote Control of LG C2 OLED TV

The LG C2 comes with a sleek and intuitive remote control that fits neatly in the hand. Enjoy easy access to all your favorite streaming services – simply press the Hot Keys at the top of the controller to quickly launch apps like Netflix or YouTube. With voice commands, you can further simplify searching for content by speaking directly into the mic button!


  • Max Thickness =1.73″ (4.4 cm)

The LG C2 is a slim display measuring 1.73” deep at its thickest point – making it perfect for wall-mounting in tight spaces. The panel also features an expansive 78° viewing angle, so you won’t miss any action no matter where you sit!

Build Quality 

LG C2’s high-quality construction makes it a premium TV. The slim stand, whilst being lightweight and taking up less room than others, doesn’t offer great stability – causing the screen to wobble about easily if touched or nudged. During testing for our review we found that the device became notably warm so decided to take an image of its thermal dynamics – just as with LG G2 OLED!


With its impressive peak brightness, the LG C2 can easily overcome glare in even well-lit rooms. However, large and particularly bright scenes may be dimmed slightly by ABL technology. Fortunately, it’s easy to turn Peak Brightness “Off” though this will also reduce the maximum brightness level to 300 cd/m² – still brighter than a Sony A90K OLED TV!

If you’re looking for an enhanced viewing experience, choose the ‘Vivid’ Picture Mode settings. With OLED Light at Max and Adjusted Contrast set to High – your image will reach a peak brightness of 528 cd/m². For maximum effect pair this with Auto Dynamic Contrast on high, combined with Color Temp setting 0 – lighting up every detail in stunning clarity!


The LG C2 OLED display is an impressive feat of technology, capable of producing perfect blacks and bright highlights in the same image. With its self-emissive pixels avoiding backlighting entirely, it allows for practically infinite contrast ratios that are especially noticeable if you find yourself viewing this TV in a very dark setting.

Local Dimming In Game Mode 

Calibrated picture modes offer the same level of darkness as ‘Game’ mode, ensuring that even in a darker scene your visuals stay sharp and true to life.

Local Dimming 

The LG C2 might not have an on-board backlight, but its near-infinite contrast ratio lends it a sharpness equivalent to local dimming. Its native ability to display perfect bright white pixels even in dark scenes with no blooming makes watching videos truly stunning – that’s why we test ours out by filming directly from the TV itself!

HDR Brightness In Game Mode

The brightness levels of the Hallway Lights, Yellow Skyscraper, and Landscape Pool were measured as 1950 cd/m² (622 cd/m²), 700cd/ m2(305cd / m2)and 300cd / me respectively. The peak window was found to be 795 – 167 for 2-100%, while sustained windows ranged from 656 -160 for a range of 0%- 100%. Finally Automatic Brightness Limiting registered at just .095.

HDR Brightness 

The LG C2 offers good peak brightness in HDR, but it’s not as bright as the G2 OLED when displaying small highlights within dark scenes. Despite this dimming issue caused by an aggressive Automatic Brightness Limiter (ABL), most scene displays have correct levels of brightness and closely track the PQ EOTF. Moreover, a smooth roll-off at its peak preserves brighter areas even against very bright backgrounds.

Unlock the full potential of your OLED with carefully-calibrated brightness, contrast and peak settings. To go even further – setting Auto Dynamic Contrast to High while activating Dynamic Tone Mapping will give you an extra boost in visuals that puts a brighter emphasis on darker scenes without sacrificing the display’s maximum luminosity.


With its 10-bit color depth, the LG C2 offers stunningly smooth gradients in vivid reds and blues – however some banding is still visible in lower shades. Thankfully this can be reduced through Smooth Gradation settings set to ‘Medium’ or ‘High’. Though these do help improve transitions between colors tones, they also cause a loss of fine details so should only be used when necessary.

PQ EOTF Tracking

With a 600 nit rating, tracking delta for consoles has been measured at an impressively low .0038. Impressive accuracy peaks even higher with 1000 nits and 4000 nits reaching ratings of 0.044 and 0.064 respectively – offering precise color performance whatever the luminance level may be!

Black Uniformity

The LG C2 offers an unparalleled viewing experience due to its native standard deviation of 0.375% and perfect black uniformity, ensuring no blooming when bright objects appear on the screen.

Gray Uniformity

The LG C2 offers exceptional gray uniformity with little dirty screen effect in the center, which makes it ideal for sports fans and PC users alike. Unfortunately, some vertical bands of color along with a pink tint have been noticed on both sides – something that has become common when using newer panel technology by LG Display. Thankfully though, there is no evidence of grid patterns or “venetian blind effects” as seen in other 2021 models; although faint vertical lines appear at times during very dark scenes – like most OLED displays.


LG C2 delivers a superior viewing experience, especially in bright environments. Its glossy finish works to reduce harsh reflections while the anti-reflective coating ensures minimal interference with image quality despite its purple tint.

Post Calibration

After a rigorous calibration process, the LG C2 achieved near-flawless color accuracy and white balance. The final result was exceptionally close to 6500K in terms of Color Temperature and Gamma tracked perfectly for viewing content in dark environments. With 22 point White Balance Calibration as well as precise Color Calibration features enabled, this monitor looks set to give an outstanding visual experience!

Pre Calibration

The LG C2 has impressive display accuracy right off the bat, with a white balance dE of 2.51 and color dE at 1.71 – displaying colors that remain faithful to their natural state. The Color Temperature setting runs cooler than average (7013 K) giving images an extra blue-tinged hue, while Gamma is closely calibrated to its ideal target for dark room environments of 2.22 – albeit slightly crushing deeper shadows in darker scenes..

480p Input 

DVDs and other 480p content can be given new life with upscaling! The picture won’t have the ultra-sharp detail as native 4k, but it still looks fantastic.

720p Input 

Cable TV channels shine in 720p clarity, with no unsightly hiccups to ruin the experience.

1080p Input 

1080p content, such as Blu-rays and older consoles, can still look stunning thanks to intelligent upscaling — practically almost reaching 4k quality visuals!

4k Input

Enjoy immaculate visuals with 4k content; no dithering or other disruptive pixel issues will interfere with your viewing experience.

8k Input 

This 4K TV boasts impressive resolution, however it cannot reach the 8K level of clarity.


The LG C2 uses the revolutionary new WBE panel by LG Display, noted for its increased brightness and improved heat dissipation. Users of this beloved television are in luck; most units will use the cutting-edge technology while those with a 42″ model may find their device equipped with either newer or older panels depending on when it was manufactured–Q1 to Q2 2022 specifically.

Color Gamut 

With the LG C2, you can enjoy nearly complete coverage of the vibrant DCI-P3 color space used by many modern HDR content sources. That includes UHD Blu-rays! It’s also got decent support for Rec. 2020 colorspace – however it may not display certain shades such as greens and cyans to their full capacity due to less precise tone mapping technology which affects its color accuracy in HDR settings.

Color Volume

Despite its impressive peak brightness, the LG C2 can’t quite compete when it comes to vibrant colors: white tones won’t be nearly as bright as what you might expect. But on the other hand, this TV sets itself apart by producing deep blacks and dark saturated hues with an unparalleled contrast ratio.

Temporary Image Retention 

After a series of tests, the LG C2 showed no evidence of short-term image retention. Fortunately, this means that there is no cause for concern when it comes to temporary effects; however, users should still be aware of potential long-term burn in on OLED displays.

Permanent Burn-In Risk 

The LG C2 TV likely offers a reduced risk of burn-in compared to older OLED panels, yet there is still the possibility. With advancements in OLED panel technology since our original test using 2017 models, we are unable to accurately determine just how resistant these TVs really are. We have begun a new burn-in test however that will help us evaluate their ability to reduce this risk and hence modify our estimated score accordingly.


Response Time 

With the LG C2, you get an unbeatable viewing experience with minimal motion blur – ideal for fast-moving content! Even in nearly dark scenes, there’s hardly any overshoot – ensuring a sharp and steady image.


Although the LG C2 does produce a slight decrease in luminosity over its refresh cycle, it differs significantly from TVs with LED backlights which employ pulse width modulation flicker (PWM).

Black Frame Insertion (BFI) 

LG’s newest TVs feature an optional black frame insertion (BFI) for improved picture clarity, counteracting motion blur caused by fast pixel response times. To ensure smooth visuals free from flickering, the 2021 OLED series is limited to 60Hz refresh rates

Motion Interpolation

  • Motion Interpolation (30 fps) = Yes

The LG C2 TV’s motion interpolation feature is available in 30 fps. This adds a smoother and more realistic look to movies and shows, even if they don’t have a super high frame rate.


Watching movies on a fast pixel response time monitor can be disappointing for low frame rate content. While the black frame insertion feature and motion interpolation features may help reduce stuttering, they cannot provide an optimal viewing experience in all cases.

24p Judder 

With the newly released LG C2, watching 24p movies and TV shows couldn’t be more smooth. Real Cinema mode must now be enabled to ensure judder-free viewing from nearly any source – even a standard cable box! Unfortunately, while it removes much of the judder you experience with other TVs, users may still find that their favorite films are not completely free of splotches when black frame insertion is activated.

Variable Refresh Rate 

With the LG C2 OLED TV, gamers can enjoy smooth visuals even in frame-heavy gaming sessions. Thanks to its broad compatibility with Variable Refresh Rate technologies, you won’t experience any tearing or stuttering – no matter how low your framerate drops. An ideal setup for an uncompromised gaming session!


Supported Resolutions 

With the LG OLED EVO C2, you can enjoy your media in its full glory. Its ultra-sharp 4K resolution and 120Hz refresh rate guarantee smooth visuals with no quality loss, while Chroma 4:4:4 support ensures crisp graphics even on expansive monitors. Toggle effortlessly between gaming and work without sacrificing an ounce of clarity!

Input Lag

With the LG C2 OLED, gamers can experience low input lag syncing their actions with the visuals displayed on-screen. Although not as good as high-end monitors at 120Hz, it still provides a great gaming performance. To get even better results while playing fast reaction games like first person shooters, switch to ‘Game’ mode and set Prevent Input Delay to Boost for up to 3ms less latency! Any issues experienced by early users have been fixed since firmware 03.11.35 was released – now that’s smooth gameplay you don’t want miss out on!

Xbox Series X|S Compatibility

The LG C2 OLED is the perfect blend of style and performance, boasting high refresh rate gaming capabilities with advanced HDR technology. It offers Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) as well as 4K resolution at 120Hz, 1440p at an impressive 120Hz framerate, plus 1080p and VRR support for a smooth immersive experience that’s sure to take your breath away.

PS5 Compatibility

With this top-of-the line TV, gamers can experience maximum performance and compatibility with the PS5, Xbox Series S|X, or PC. It features four HDMI ports that take advantage of full bandwidth HDMI 2.1 for smooth gaming experiences. Plus – it provides a variable refresh rate feature to enhance your visuals!

Our measurements of the TV’s MaxFullFrameToneMapLuminance (739) and MaxToneMapLuminance (809) with VESA HDR Display Test Suite revealed that it can accurately tone-map colors up to 764 nits when filling a fullscreen, or 1433 nits on smaller highlights. However, any signals exceeding those limits will be clipped causing possible losses in details among brighter scenes. 

Input Photos

Inputs Specifications

With the increased 48Gbps bandwidth across all its HDMI ports, LG G2 OLED takes your viewing experience to a whole new level. Not only can you enjoy 4k @ 120Hz with 12-bit color and full chroma 4:4:4, but also plenty of detail in fast moving images sure to impress PC users alike!

Audio Passthrough

Disappointing news for movie buffs; this TV won’t be able to reproduce the full audio experience of your favorite Blu-rays, as it doesn’t support any DTS formats.

Total Inputs

  1. HDMI = 4
  2. USB = 3
  3. Digital Optical Audio Out = 1
  4. Analog Audio Out 3.5mm = 0
  5. Analog Audio Out RCA = 0
  6. Component In = 0
  7. Composite In=0
  8. Tuner (Cable/Ant) = 1
  9. Ethernet = 1
  10. DisplayPort = 0
  11. IR In = 0
  12. SD/SDHC = 0

Frequency Response

The LG C2 offers a balanced sound profile at moderate volume levels, making dialogue crisp and clear. With that being said, the frequency response does not reach as low for bass-heavy sounds compared to other TVs; additionally, it can distort when pushed further than what is recommended.


With its impressive distortion resistance, the LG C2 provides excellent sound reproduction even at higher volumes. At 80%, Weighted THD is low at 0.083 while Intermodulation Distortion (IMD) reaches a maximum of only 3%. That’s significantly less than what other brands offer – definitely something worth considering!


The LG C2 is equipped with a cutting-edge webOS interface – now version 22 – that makes navigation fast and easy. It has a special feature for user profiles, so everyone can customize their home page according to what they want. In contrast, its “TV Information” page remains using an older versioning system (version 7.1.0).


For those of you who want a smooth and customized TV experience, chances are that this one isn’t for you. While it does offer the ability to opt out from some features such as suggested content at home, almost all smart TVs come with ads integrated throughout its interface which cannot be fully disabled or removed.


This TV brings you the same user-friendly, intuitive magic remote seen on earlier models. Now point and click is only half of it — with dual microphones built into the set itself, hands-free voice control has changed everything! Search content without lifting a finger, and switch between inputs at your command; so much power can be yours to access in privacy – just watch out for that all-important mic toggle when opting for total security.

Apps and Features 

The LG C2 OLED is the perfect device to stream your favorite entertainment with its expansive app selection. Enjoy a smooth experience while casting, and playing content from USB drives, and take advantage of HDR support on both Netflix and YouTube!

TV Controls

Need to power up? Don’t worry, you can easily control your TV with the single button situated at its base. Use it to switch on and off, select channels or inputs – even adjust volume levels!

In The Box

  • Remote (with 2x AA batteries)
  • Cable management clips
  • User manuals
  • IR blaster


With a maximum capacity of 179 Watts, the power consumption for this device is operating efficiently at 77 watts. The current firmware version 03.10.43 ensures optimal performance and reliability levels are maintained consistently


Overall assessment

The LG C2 OLED TV is a great choice for those looking to upgrade their viewing experience and appreciate the beauty of its OLED display. Its vast array of features and apps, along with the intuitive webOS interface make it easy to use, while its impressive distortion resistance and frequency response ensure quality audio reproduction at all times! With prices starting from $699, it’s definitely worth taking a look at!

This device is capable of delivering stunningly vivid images and sharp sound in any home theater setup – whether you’re enjoying movies, gaming or watching your favorite shows. With its impressive audio capabilities, smart interface and intuitive remote control, this TV is sure to impress – making it the perfect choice for a modern home entertainment setup.

The LG C2 OLED is an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their television experience, with its impressive display and sound quality, as well as its wide range of features and apps. With prices starting from $699, it’s definitely worth taking a look at!

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